Joe Nall 2017

MultiGP Invites you to our FPV Sports Experience at Joe Nall Week!

Joe Nall Week:  May 23 - 20
MultiGP FPV Sports Experience: May 17 - 20
Location:  Triple Tree Aerodrome 330 Mary Hanna Road, Woodruff, SC 29388


MultiGP will host and manage the FPV flight line at Joe Nall Week from May 17th-20th.  We invite the curious, the enthusiast and the seasoned RC pilots to connect with us, fly with us and compete with us.  This is a great opportunity to get an intimate and up-close perspective on what makes this emerging portion of the hobby so exciting. 

MultiGP will setup a full-scale drone racing challenge course with air gates and flags designed for fun and competition.  Throughout the day fun-fly participants will be given an opportunity to try their hand at FPV free flight above the tree line (fixed wing/multirotor) or running the challenge course below the tree line (multirotor).  The more practice the better you get!  Each day we will run a managed practice and/or qualifier for those entered into the "MultiGP Drone Racing Challenge at Joe Nall" which will be held Friday and Saturday night.  In the evening, we will also be hosting a twilight LED-lit fun fly in spirit of the Joe Nall tradition of RC Night flying.  Bring your questions and your FPV rigs and come fly with us! 

$1,200 in cash and prizes to the winners of the race, a raffle and other contests! *

* Registration for the race is an extra cost of $20; The amount of cash/prizes may vary based on participation.







  • Fun Fly Requirements (Wings and MultiRotor):  
    • For best experience please have a 40 channel vTX capable of doing 25mw and/or 200mw.
    • Ground stations will be available but not required.
    • Pilots must have goggles or monitor that can accept an external source input.
  • Challenge Race Details & Requirements:
    • Race Specifications/Classes: Open Unlimited 3-6 inch 2-4 blade props/3-4s battery types/120-290mm frame sizes/4-6 rotor

  • Race Format: 
    • Number of Laps in two minutes.
    • Tiebreaker based on Time for Qualifying.
    • Double Elimination of approximately 16-32 Pilots for the finale.  

  • Schedule:
    • Wednesday May 17th:  
      • Open Fun Fly & Fill the Seat Practice: 9am-11am
      • Managed Timed Trials & Assigned Frequencies Fun Fly:  11am-2:30pm
      • Fun FPV Games: 2:30pm-3:00pm
        • FPV Soccer 
    • Thursday May 18th:
      • Open Fun Fly & Fill the Seat Practice: 9am-11am
      • Managed Timed Trial Qualifier & Assigned Frequencies Fun Fly:  11am-2:30pm
      • Fun FPV Games: 2:30pm-3:00pm
        • FPV Blind Man's Bluff
    • Friday May 19th:
      • Open Fun Fly & Fill the Seat Practice: 9am-11am
      • Managed Timed Trials & Assigned Frequencies Fun Fly:  11am-2:30pm
      • Fun FPV Games: 2:30pm-3:00pm
        • FPV Foot Race
    • Saturday May 20th:
      • Managed Timed Trials & Assigned Frequencies Fun Fly:  11am-2:30pm
      • Championship Race: 12pm-2pm
      • Fun FPV Games: 2pm-2:15pm
        • FPV Gauntlet
      • FPV Freestyle:  2:15pm-4:30pm
  • NOTE: Time trials and 16 pilot double elimination each day. Race will be first to complete X laps.


Additional details and participating pilot requirements:

  • Ground Stations: We will provide ground stations, so you need to be ready to plug and play with your goggles.

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Drone Pilot Registration:You must have a valid current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Pilot Registration Number affixed to your airframe if your aircraft is more than .55 lbs as defined in the FAA Drone Pilot Registration requirements. Review Requirements & Register HERE. 

  • Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Membership:  We will be requiring a valid current AMA membership for all pilots who wish to fly at any of our organized public racing events. Register HERE. 

  • 40 Channel vTX/Antennas:  We require 40 channel compliant vTX's for our races. You must have 25mw and/or 200mw capabilities. Please come prepared to change your vTX and/or the channel/band and/or the power of your vTX as needed for each race.  We also recommend having both RHCP & LHCP Antenna.