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February 24, 2016: Rivet Radio

Drone Racing Could be the Sport of the Future.

Article:  Drone Racing Could be the Sport of the Future


February 13, 2016: FOX 35 Orlando

Drone Racing is all the rage.

Video:  Drone Racing is all the Rage


February 5, 2016: FOX 13 Tampa

A movement is taking off in fields all over Florida: Think NASCAR meets the Wright Brothers.

Video: Drone Racing: Taking off at a Field Near You.


January 29, 2016: KRNV NBC Reno

"We'll be hosting qualifiers for nationals for the MultiGP Circuit for the whole U.S. here in Reno in the next few months, as well as, some other big races," said Woodcock.

Video: World's first drone racing facility opens in Sparks


December 4, 2015:

From drones to helicopters, there is plenty of action going up in the air. Be careful, you blink and you miss it at the MultiGP Championships.

Video and Article: Drone, helicopter championships held in Central Florida


November 24, 2015:  Academy of Model Aeronautics

Academy of Model Aeronautics  welcomes MultiGP as an official FPV racing special interest group.

PRWeb: Release


November 20, 2015:  NBC The Today Show

On the hobbyist level, we've been self regulating for years...safely.

Video:  Drone Regulations Expected to be Announced Friday 


November 17, 2015:  SciTech Central

A passionate group of Central Florida racers are integrating miniature technology with small flying machines or drones to create a new sport. They are working hard to expand and share the fun.

Video:  SciTech Central Short: MultiGP


November 11, 2015:  The New York Times

Drone racing is a fast-growing extreme sport in which pilots compete head-to-head with small flying drones while wearing first-person-view goggles.

Article:  Gentlemen, Start your Drones


September 9, 2015: Flite Test

MultiGP and FliteTest team up to talk about the exciting past, present and future of FPV racing.

Episode:  Flite Test | FPV Racing with MultiGP

Podcast:  087 MultiGP FPV Racing


August 13, 2015:

MultiGP's position on the New York group investment.

Article:  Drone Racing Sees Huge Investment from Miami Dophins Owner Stephen Ross


August 6, 2015:  Economic Development Commission Florida's Space Coast

MultiGP Chosen to Participate in the First Annual EDC/NASA Technology Docking Roadshow Event.

Press Release:  Economic Development Commission Florida's Space Coast


July 14, 2015:

MultiGP at Flite Fest 2015

Article:  MultiGP FPV Racing - Interviews at Flite Fest 2015

Video:  MultiGP FPV Racing - Interviews at Flite Fest 2015


June 23, 2015:  The UAV Digest

Founder Chris Thomas talks about the sport of FPV multirotor racing.

Podcast: Multirotor Racing