CFPV Points race 2 Public Event

CarolinaFPV points race 2! and fun fly after! This will be a different track layout with gates and flags. We will be running the timing system for this race, FASTEST LAP OF THE DAY WINS $50.00 OUT OF MY POCKET!!!

This will be a MultiGP Points race for which we will require you to register as a pilot for this race at under our Drone Racing Club chapter. The pilot registration fee is $15. $5 goes to the park $5 to the club and the rest goes to the points leader in the form of cash or prizes. All FPV flying skills are welcome! Enthusiasts and/or Spectators are welcomed!

Practice will start at 10:00am, safety breifing at 11:50am, Racing will start at 12:00pm. Please make sure you are checked into the race and have your VTX freq set up prior to coming out.

Three 3 minute timed race with quantitative Points per lap (1pt per lap); Every lap you complete within the 3 minute time you earn a point. whomever is the point leader in their respective class at the end of the LAST HEAT wins that class. In the event of a tie, we will have one "Tie Breaker" 3 minute heat. Winner take all.

We will also have a "run-what-you-brong" race, Tri's, quad's, hex, wings ect.... If you think its fast BRING IT! (good luck getting your wing through the gate!) 

Timing transponders: (OPTIONAL) for Trackmate: Trans are 5v-16v powered from your flight controler. (my set up anyway) If you do not have your own personal transponder I will be selling them for $45.00 or you can rent them for $10 per day.

RACEBAND: As of now we are working to see what freqs are working the best with multiple pilots. It is recommended that that you have Raceband but now required. (this will be a work in progress) if you are not RACEBAND ready we will get there! 25mw and 200mw power ratings only please.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Drone Pilot Registration: You must have a valid current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Pilot Registration Number afixed to your airframe if your aircraft is more than .55lbs as defined in the FAA Drone Pilot Registration requirements. Review Requirements & Register Here:

Amatuer Model Aviators (AMA) Membership: We will be requiring a valid current AMA membership for all pilots who wish to fly at any of our organized open public racing events Register Here:


Bring your multi-rotor and spare parts if you are flying. If you are a spectator or an enthusiast please bring a chair and all the questions you have about the sport of FPV Drone Racing.

- See more at:


Beginners 12:00:00 PM UTC
intermediate 12:30:00 PM UTC
Advanced 1:00:00 PM UTC
unlimited race GETSUM! 2:00:00 PM UTC


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