Feb. 11th, 2017 Race Public Event

We are setting up Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced race Classes for 2017 You put yourself in the class you want to race in by Joining the race class you think your skill matches but you can not go down a class unless most say okay as you made a mistake. Win 1st in three races, you move up a class unless not needed.

 Moved Race to Feb. 11 at to weather.

All events can be canceled at any time without Notice.

Please read before Going to this meetup / event:

Trackmate Transponders Required. Can't race without it (not iLap)

Location of the Event (<--- Map to Event)

St. John’s Lutheran Church in Sunny Bakersfield, CA 

4500 Buena Vista Road, Bakersfield, CA 93311


  • Fixed Time: 2:00 min.
  • 1 practice round
  • 3 or more qualify race rounds
  • A to C Mains or as required
  • Scored by 1 round time and lap count (completed laps & total time) 
  • Finish last lap after timer sounds and count if finished
  • Ties are determined by god
  • Qualify Rounds: Staggered Start
  • Mains: Heads up start (no staggered start)
  • Pilots must have AMA membership card present.
  • 200mw VTX max

Rules & Regulations


Every pilot must have a Spotter. Pilots "on deck" for their upcoming heat will serve as spotters for the current heat. AMA rules

Duties include:

  • Keeping visual contact at all times of their assigned pilot.

  • Notifying Contest Director, Race Director and Pilots of an unsafe situations.

Race Disputes

Missed Gate or Flag

  • Pilots must fly through all gates. If a gate is missed, it is the responsibility of the pilot to safely taxi around (please avoid oncoming drones) and hit the gate.
  • If a pilot misses a gate or cuts a flag turn, that run is disqualified and the pilot recieves a DNF.

Flying Out of Bounds

Scored as a DNF. No laps are tallied.

Aircraft Damaged / Not Able to Race

If a Pilot notifies the Race Director prior to the start of the heat that he cannot race, the race director can bump the pilot to a new heat for reruns. Race Director can deny request for any reason. Pilots will get no more than one of these type of reruns.

Not Ready in Time

At the time where the race director calls the next race heat, a 4 minute timer (approx.) should be started. The purpose of this clock is not to give pilots 4 minutes to get to the line but instead to give the race director authority to start a race without a pilot once the 4 minute mark has been reached. The race does not have to start in 4 minutes but this provides the race director with a fair measurement tool for this decision.  


  • Pilot Jumps the Gun / Starts Early - Pilot will lose 1 Lap.
  • Aircraft does not take off - Pilot Out of Race, No Rerun.
  • Aircraft flips - Safety Officer should flip quads for pilots at start as long as there is no traffic in area. No Rerun.
  • Crash into other aircraft. - Official Ruling - OUT, No Rerun
  • Pilot loses video due to someone else plugging in and this is proven via DVR - Rerun
  • Pilot Loses Video for Unknown Reason - Out
  • Gate falls over, full heat rerun


No celebration laps, no celebration freestyle or high-flying, no interfering with the flight lines of other pilots still racing.


Occasionally a pilot may request a rerun (like in the event of losing video). The Race Director is the final authority of all such disputes.



See rules and requiremnts at:


The event is fun to watch and discuss. However, please stay away from the pilots within the Pilot Area while they are flying (unless you are acting as a spotter).Clear communication is essential with the pilots for accurate lap scoring, penalties and hazard warnings.

  • 8:00am to 9:00am = Setup 

  • 9:00am to 9:30am = Racing practice

  • 9:30am to ? = Race

  • (*Racing starts sometime after 9:30am until finish with fun fly after.)

Must be an AMA member to Race.


Races Feb. 11, 2017 Race Beginner 9:00:00 AM UTC Feb. 11, 2017 Race Intermediate 9:00:00 AM UTC Feb. 11, 2017 Race Advanced 9:00:00 AM UTC


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