BMR Club Bash Drone Racing Series Day 1 Public Event

BMR Club Bash, Drone Racing Series, Day 1

BMR Club Bash, Drone Racing Series, Day 1 of 6

After you Pay, Please Join the Race at (Mandatory)

Advanced Pilot Handicap method;

This is an Open Class Race, with Beginner style track design but will include at least one difficult obstacle but in stating that, before each race, all racers will vote what pilots should be required to complete the difficult obstacles as required and what pilots are allowed to avoid difficult obstacles as beginners. 

BMR Club Bash runs for 6 Months, on the 1st weekend (Saterday Only) of each month depending on weather. 

Please Read the Basic Requirements and Race Rules to Race with Bakersfield Multirotor:

See your Scores at 

Sign up to Race and Pay at and Click On; UPCOMING EVENTS


$5.00 a pilot to race  (no refunds) + any fee's

Spectators are Free

All Pilots Must also Join the Bakersfield Multirotor MultiGP Chapter fand Join the MultiGP race at

Pilot Limit to 30 Pilots per Race. Sign up today and don't miss the fun!

All Pilots are required to show proof of Valid Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Membership at day of race.

Join & RSVP at the Event on FaceBook to ask questions and keep updated on this event at:

*Transponder NOT Required (Timing by VTX Channel)

Also Join the Main Bakersfield Multirotor FaceBook group and to meet the local group of pilots including on keeping updated on this series and other fun facts and ask your questions:

Top Three winners of the series will win and share in 50% of the registration cost for the series with the other 50% of the registration fee's going to the Bakersfield Multirotor Club and Race volunteers to sponsor a Club Member Only Party in about March 2018! Series points will be shown on and/or

1st Place = 50% of 50% registration cost

2nd Place = 30% of 50% registration cost

3rd Place = 20% of 50% registration cost

Events / Races may be shut-down, canceled or rescheduled at any time with little to no notice. It’s the Pilots responsibility to verify rescheduled dates and times before attending. No refund if shut-down, canceled or rescheduled, Bakersfield Multirotor will do everything it can to rescheduled event for another date if shut-down or canceled. If event cannot be rescheduled, Bakersfield Multirotor will do everything in its power to submit refunds but no guarantees.


  • 10:00am to 12:00pm = Pilot Registration
  • 12:00pm to 1:00pm = Controlled Practice
  • 1:00pm to Finish = Race

Series Scoring

  • Award 20 Bonus Points after attending 4 events
  • Award 10 Bonus Points for each of the races a Pilot participates in 
  • Award 10 Bonus Points to Top Qualifying Pilot per Event
  • Award 50 Points for Race 1st Place
    • Award Decreasing Points per race Position (e.g. 1st, 50 points, 2nd 49 Points, 3rd 48 Points, 4th 47 points an so on...) 


Pilots Racing

Leaderboard »
predator 5
predator 5
220mm to 249mm Quadcopter (4 cell)
5.8 GHz
Mango RR5
Mango RR5
150mm to 179mm Quadcopter (4 cell)
5.8 GHz Academy of Model Aeronautics Federal Aviation Administration
220mm to 249mm Quadcopter (4 cell)
5.8 GHz
The Reaper from MRM
The Reaper from MRM
220mm to 249mm Quadcopter ()
5.8 GHz Academy of Model Aeronautics Federal Aviation Administration


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