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Drone Sports Accomplishments

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53 Completed Races
Race Points
Last PILOT Standing..... 29
APD Flying Wing Expo 4
Conquering the TOWER of DOOM 1
Memorial Day Weekend Kickoff 9
Farewell Flight for our Friend Clint 25
The Calm before the STORM! --
Drones ARE Good! International Race Day Race 1
Whacing in Wheatland 8
The Finale to Old Man Winter--Sponsored Race --
United We RACE... --
Quad-P Aerial Solutions Sponsor Race 27
Riva Ridge Racing....Back to the Bowl 29
TX NM Tune Freestyle and Funfly RACE --
Wings and Quads over APD --
NO Gates......ALL Glory..... NASQUAD Race 7
Concrete Night Racing! --
HQ Props Sponsored Race.. Break em.. We have more!! --
Nano/Micro Class Newbie Tech and Tune Race --
Kickin off 2016.. FPV style---INTERMEDIATE Class --
Nano/Micro Class FPV Basement Bash 10
Tribute to APC Propellers Winter Season Race #1 20
November at Northfield Race#2 --
November at Northfield Race#1 --
FPV Daredevil Race... Speed and Excitement --
Frightning FPV Halloween Spooktacular --
Game of Drones... Pilot Episode of Pylon Pod Racing--4S Class 10
Game of Drones... Pilot Episode of Pylon Pod Racing--3S Class --
Lowry Bash-Obstacle Course race 2 10
Fall FPV Fest 10
Colorado End of Summer Bash #4 --
Event #3 - Colorado Chapters Summer Bash 6
Colorado End of Summer Bash Event #2 10
Event #1 - Colorado Chapters Summer Bash --
Find Your Line!! --
Tuning and Burning (Newbie Night) --
Cheese Factory 16
Fun Fly / Race --
Aurora Tree Bashing 14
Tuesday Riva Race 20
Labor Day Weekend FPV Race --
Colorado FPV Rotorcross Series Race 6/6 --
Novice Class 6