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MultiGP Pilots Flying Hard to Win a Racer3

ROBOGENISIS is still controlling the top spot in the 2018 Swatch DRL Tryouts. Does he have what it takes to go all the way to New York City? Which MultiGP pilots have what it takes to win their own Racer3? First Place For 4 Weeks Straight ROBOGENISIS is owning the 2018 Swatch DRL Tryouts this […]

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2017 Community Survey Results

As Drone Racing matures, so must the rules that govern the sport. With the end of the MultiGP 2017 drone racing season, MultiGP is preparing for 2018. As with any growing and maturing sport, certain questions come up, and drone racing is no different. Because drone racing is evolving, certain questions need to be addressed […]

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2018 Regional Series Update

As pilots are getting ready for the 2018 Regional Series, so is MultiGP. There will be several differences from this year’s Regional Series, so this blog is to help explain the changes. These modifications were made to help streamline the Regional Series and to make it easier to understand for all involved. The 2018 Regional Series […]

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A Drone Racer’s Chance of a Lifetime

“I am a Professional Drone Racer” That is a statement that almost every MultiGP Pilot wants to be able to say. All of the practice, all the laps, all the competition, this is what they are working for. They are looking for a chance to live that dream, like Jacob “JAWZ” Schneider, the 2017 Bud Light […]

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TINY News – MultiGP Reveals UTT 7

This new UTT is taking the action inside   MultiGP’s Universal Time Trial (UTT) Track format allows FPV drone racing pilots to compete against each other across the world by providing standardized local courses partnered with a global leader-board. Pilots attend their local MultiGP Chapter to participate and receive official results which are then entered […]

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