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The RubiQ quad prepares students for the jobs of the future

RubiQ is the world’s first modular and open-source educational FPV drone. As a build-from-scratch kit, RubiQ gives students hands-on, project-based learning experiences based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), an interdisciplinary and applied approach. RubiQ is a great introduction to flight and its complexities. Students build, configure and fly RubiQ while also engaging in […]

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MultiGP 2018 Season Survey Results

Time to Get Ready For The 2018 Regional Series The 2017 Regional Series is now in the books. After coming off of the largest racing season to date, MultiGP thought it was necessary to get the pilot’s thoughts and opinions on several topics that have come up during the 2017 season. Cell count, Regional Championship […]

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Quadtoberfest, Vote Randy Cameron for AMA, Kansas Drone Racing Heats Up

Quadtoberfest, vote Randy Cameron to protect FPV, famous drone racers compete in Kansas, and much more. Go to www.multigp.com for all things relating to drone sports! Welcome to MultiGP News. MultiGP Rundown This week’s MultiGP Rundown’s footage is courtesy of MultiGP Pilot Shawn Ames. The first event was some epic TRON-style LED night flying in […]

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