MultiGP Spec Class

2018 Update

As we begin 2018 MultiGP looks forward to continuing to work on a SPEC racing class for drones. Building on the traction from 2017, MultiGP is planning on making some important changes to the SPEC Class later this year.

MultiGP SPEC Class: January 2018-August 2018

To keep the interest that has grown in the SPEC class since its inception, MultiGP has decided to extend its contracts (originally set to expire at the beginning of 2018) with our vendors until August 2018. To further the interest in the SPEC Class we will be taking an existing UTT track (UTT #6) and adding a SPEC UTT Leaderboard. Local MultiGP chapter organizers will be encouraged to set up SPEC UTT events for their pilots to be able to submit times to this new SPEC UTT Leaderboard. Pilots who submit times to the SPEC UTT Leaderboard will also be eligible for discounted entry into the MultiGP IO SPEC Race, taking place during the International Open, August 8-14.

Your Spec Racer Could Be Your Ticket to the Championship

The MultiGP SPEC Race at the International Open will have a $5000 prize purse available for the SPEC pilots who are fast enough to make the top 8. In addition to winning the prize purse at the 2018 IO SPEC Race, the winner will receive a Wildcard invite to the 2018 MultiGP Championship being held later this year.

1st $1,150
2nd $1,000
3rd $850
4th $700
5th $550
6th $400
7th $250
8th $100
Total Purse: $5,000

$5000 Purse and Win a Wildcard invite to 2018 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship

Staying In Tune With The Desires and Needs of the Sport

All sports mature, and drone racing is no different. As we mature we see that certain decisions on the direction of the sport need to be revisited. This allows us to make sure that the trajectory is true and in line with our pilots and our shared desire to grow the sport. This is why we have listened very closely to the community’s thoughts and opinions on the current SPEC class. Many of us here in MultiGP agree with you, and in response, we have been working for the last several months on the best path forward. The result will be the evolution of the MultiGP SPEC Class, a race class truly based on specifications, decided by members of the racing community.

MultiGP SPEC Class 2.0

Moving forward we want to make sure that SPEC is exactly what the name implies – a race class that is based on agreed upon specifications. The concept for the SPEC Class is simple…

Read More About MultiGP Spec 2.0

2017 Spec Class Build Rules (Active Until August 2018)


  • You CANNOT modify the carbon on the frame in anyway (Example: Shaving carbon, dremel).
  • You CAN use shorter standoffs.
  • Pods: You CANNOT use custom manufactured Pods, If the frame comes with a Pod by default that is accepted. If the frame comes with both a Pod and Carbon plates, either would be accepted.
  • You CAN use custom camera mounts to fit your needs (example: micro cam mounts, adjustable mounts)
  • You CAN add motor softmounts, softmounts for electrical component stack, ESC Covers, VTX mount and GoPro Mount.

Electronic Components:

  • You CANNOT modify any electrical spec components
  • You CANNOT Desolder VTX Cables
  • You CANNOT Solder antennas directly to VTX
  • You CANNOT Change motor bells from different model motors
  • You CANNOT rewind motors or modify the motors in anyway

EXEMPTED COMPONENTS: There are *NO* spec requirements on the following components:

  • Flight Controller (Example: Motolabs Cyclone, Revolt)
  • Flight Controller Software (Example: RaceFlight,BetaFlight)
  • TX (Example: X4R, Crossfire)
  • Radio (Example: Taranis, DX8)
  • Camera (Example: Runcam, Foxeer)
  • Camera Lens (Example: 2.5mm or 1.8mm

Addtional Notes:

– Spec Components are going to have MultiGP markings on the packaging or engraved on the components however You CAN use existing components that match the spec class, example: EMAX RS 2306/2400kv motors that do not have the MultiGP engraving on it. Until all of those branded components are released their unbranded versions are accepted.






As the branded components are released we will list them below so you can purchase them directly from manufacturer.