2017 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship


September 2017, Reno

The nation's most competitive drone racing series culminates in the

2017 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship

Pilots around the nation are training hard in order to rise through the regional series and prove themselves to be the fastest drone racing pilot in the nation. The MultiGP Regional Series is designed to provide the drone racing community an accessible yet highly competitive format that clearly recognizes the most skilled pilots in the country. 

Qualification Schedule and Locations  What is the Regional Series?

How to Qualify

Number of pilots: 145 Maximum at the National Championship. These 145 spots are determined via 4 qualification methods.

  1. Defending Champion
  2. Finalists (1st & 2nd regional finals participants)
  3. Serious 60 entrants (3rd - 6th regional finals participants)
  4. The List + UTT entrants

Defending Champion [1 pilot]

The previous year’s champion will be invited to defend their title. This invitation allows the Champion to participate at the National Championship without attending any regional qualifier or final. Automatically advances to Fast 56.

Finalists [28 pilots]

The top 2 pilots from each regional final will be invited to participate in the National Championship. Automatically advance to Fast 56.

Serious 60 [56 pilots]

Pilots who finish third, fourth, fifth, sixth in a Regional Final will get one of the  spots. This group will compete in a best 2/3 round, onsite race to advance 14 entrants to the Fast 56 round.

The List [30 pilots] & UTT [30 pilots]

These two groups of entrants have a more difficult entry into the championship finals. There are 30 spots that will be filled by the pilots on “The List”. The List is comprised of all the pilots who attended a regional final. This list is sorted by best 3/5 rounds at a regional final. There are up to 30 spots that will be filled by UTT entrants.

Pilots must qualify by placing two distinct UTT times on two UTT tracks under the following thresholds:
  • UTT 1 < 11.5 seconds
  • UTT 2 < 8.5 seconds
  • UTT 3 < 8.5 seconds
  • UTT 4 < 10 seconds
  • UTT 5 < 7 seconds

Pilots from the UTT and “The List” will participate in a combined time, best 2/3 round race, on-site at the championship in order to determine the 13 that advance to the Fast 56.