About MultiGP

MultiGP is the worlds largest drone racing league.

We strive daily to make drone sports a reality for everyone.

Pilots: Why should I create a profile and attend a MultiGP event?

MultiGP chapters welcome all pilots regardless of their skill level. You’ll notice a difference in how our events are run because we provide helpful tools and resources to our chapters. We have found this creates a fun and rewarding experience, which ultimately leads to more time for racing, greater safety and more time to socialize with your fellow pilots.

We offer a variety of racing classes forged by FPV racers just like you. This makes them fun, competitive and delivers the adrenaline rush we know you’re searching for. Not to mention, they give you another excuse to add an additional aircraft to your fleet.

Groups: Why should my group become a MultiGP chapter?

Our local chapters are managed by passionate and enthusiastic staff that share in the excitement of our sport. We believe strongly that it is the right of each chapter to express themselves individually based off their own creativity and simply what works for them. In other words, our chapters keep their own identities and character. MultiGP assists our chapters by acting as an invaluable resource by providing them with solutions to make their events organized and fun, not time consuming and burdensome.  Some of the solutions we offer are:

RaceSync – Frequency Management Software:

MultiGP has developed proprietary software that assigns racing slots and video frequencies in real time. Your pilots create a profile, add their aircraft, and then on race day they use their smart phones and check-in when they arrive. They are assigned their race slot and optimum video frequency. As the event director, you immediately know who is in each race and what channel they are expected to transmit on.

Racing Gates & Flags:

MultiGP has developed racing gates that are simple to transport and setup. They are specific dimensions so your chapter can easily accommodate sponsor panels when applicable. Panels are shipped to your chapter as they become available through promotion efforts.

Upon progressing through the MultiGP Chapter Tier system, your group could also earn race flags to help your group design more varied race tracks.

Media & Creative:

Signage and creative are important to any event. As a MultiGP chapter, you get access to the MultiGP Media House where you can download creative for your all your event needs. PDF’s for spec classes, official rules and other documents are also available for download.

Sponsor Support:

Racing is fun, but half the fun is building your own aircraft and testing the technology. As new products are rolled out, MultiGP provides an efficient medium to promote these products to the FPV racing community. When sponsors are involved, your chapter can benefit by receiving prizes and assets such as racing gates. These are just some of the benefits we help distribute to our chapters when sponsors get involved.

Sponsors and Vendors: What can MultiGP do for my business?

Our chapter pilots are not only enthusiastic about the activity of FPV racing itself, but the hardware and software used to stay competitive. The endless search for the latest technology to push their aircraft faster and make their virtual environments more immersive creates a win-win for your goals and our pilots. Increase your impressions by sponsoring our air gates or help launch a new product by sending our chapters a sample to try at their next meet. MultiGP’s mission is to help better the sport so if you have a product that will help do that, let us know. We’d love to help you get it in the hands of the FPV community on a grassroots level to help spread word of mouth and positive reviews.

Welcome to the world’s largest drone racing league. Your rise to the top starts with a single click.