Emax Bounty Program: Pilot Registration



Bounty Payouts:

  • MultiGP National Championship (1 race)
    • $5,000.00 for primary category product used
    • $1000.00 for additional category product used
    • $500.00 for accessory product used and thereafter.
  • MultiGP International Open at Muncie, IN (1 race)
    • $3,000.00 for primary category product used
    • $500.00 for additional category product used
    • $250.00 for accessory Product used and thereafter 
  • MultiGP Regional Finals (14 races)
    • $500.00 for primary product category used
    • $200.00 for additional product category used
    • $100.00 for accessory Product used and thereafter

Example: If you win top spot at the MultiGP Championship using EMAX motors and ESC's you could win $6,000.  If you use motors, ESCs, and a flight controller, you could win $6,500.

Primary Product Category = Motors, ESC, Frame, Flight Controller
Additional Product Category = A second product, from any of the above items 
Accessory Product Category = Props, Antennas



The contest rules are simple.

  • Register yourself via the form below before the event.

  • This bounty program is open to any sponsored or unsponsored pilot using EMAX products.

  • Finish in the #1 spot of any of the races listed below and win the respective amount indicated

  • Pilots must use EMAX branded products (OEM) at the winning final race. MultiGP officials must confirm that this is the equipment used during the race and pilots must surrender the quadcopter that was used at the time of the win to MultiGP officials for confirmation. Photos of winning quadcopter must be taken by MultiGP officials and if an EMAX representative is present, they will also need to take photos.

    • Race Organizer or an MultiGP Official Must provide proof via a form to be posted before the first regional final.

  • Pilot must agree to have photos taken of equipment used and photos of pilot with winning quad and themselves. EMAX will use these photos for social media coverage during and after the event for promotions.

  • Example: If the winning EMAX product is motors, you must be using all four motors of EMAX branded product, same for any product that needs multiple components of same type.  

  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  EMAX Props and Antennas can only be counted if motors and/or ESC’s have been accounted for as the primary product category

Failure to follow these rules, will result in disqualification and no award money will be given.

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