March 13, 2017

2016 MultiGP Championship Video

With hundreds of organized chapters representing thousands of pilots, the MultiGP Regional Series qualifies our nation’s top competitors for the annual MultiGP Drone Racing Championship.  This crowning achievement was held in Muncie, Indiana at the Academy of Model Aeronautics’ headquarters over Labor Day weekend and featured approximately 130 world-class pilots battling it out on three different courses.  Using advanced skills in both racing and technology, they navigated their custom racing drones at over 80 miles per hour, threading them through aerial gates, tearing them around turn flags and leaping them through the first ever designed Sky Bridge which launched them from five to two-hundred feet and back down through a series of eight elevated gates.  This action packed video offers a first person view into the excitement produced at our nation’s most comprehensive and competitive drone racing league championship and further insight into the exciting sport of the future, MultiGP Drone Racing.  The 2016 MultiGP Championship was proudly presented by Team Blacksheep.



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