What is the Universal Time Trial? (UTT)

MultiGP Universal Time Trial Tracks allow FPV pilots to compete against each other across the world

How does it work?

MultiGP chapters everywhere are running Time Trials using any of the following standardized and universal time trial tracks. Since the dimensions are the same for everyone, we can rank performance.

Pilots attend their local chapter to participate on standardized local courses and receive official results which are then entered into the MultiGP global leaderboard by their Chapter Organizer.


  • Online leaderboard
  • Test your speed
  • Compare your laps
  • Compete against others
  • Simple to set up
  • Uses fives gates and five flags
  • Fits inside a football field
  • Uses standard MultiGP gates

Chapter Organizer Procedures:



  • A timing system with transponders is highly recommended.
  • If a timing system is not available, a stopwatch or standard method of time measurement must be used. A dedicated timekeeper with a clear view of the finishing gate must be assigned if this option is used.
  • Please provide a safety tent with netting if the timekeeper is positioned close to the finish gate.
  • Pilot times are measured by completing the fastest single lap defined by the start/finish gate.


Executing Time Trials:

  • The pilot should pass through the start/finish gate at a competitive speed when beginning. This is designed to trigger a transponder when using a timing system.
  • There is no limit to how many times a pilot may run the time trial. This is determined by how many pilots attend and how the Chapter Organizer wishes to run the event.


Submitting Results:

  • It is the duty of the Chapter Organizer or Assistant Chapter Organizer to collect the official times of each pilot.
  • Chapter Organizers should submit each pilot’s best time on the official Universal Course Pilot Time Submission Form.

Rules, Procedures & Regulations


General Event Regulations:

  • The Universal Course must be setup to exact specifications and measurements provided by the setup diagram.
  • The course terrain must be as flat as possible with as ample space around the perimeter to allow for unrestricted turns.
  • All MultiGP safety precautions must be adhered to.
  • Universal Course time trials must take place during a scheduled MultiGP Chapter Event and run by a designated Chapter Organizer.
  • Racing gates must be standard issue MultiGP Racing Gates or another gate with a 5’x5’ square opening.
    • In the case of micro or tiny whoop tracks, the gate size is 361 sq in  (19”x19” – 483mm x 483mm)


Pilot Rules:

  • All gates must be passed through. If a gate is missed, the pilot must turn his aircraft around and pass through the gate.
  • If a suggested flight path is illustrated, directions must be followed as contained within the setup diagram.
  • Pilots must have a spotter to count laps and alert the pilot of any safety issues.

Diagrams and Instruction Manuals