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MultiGP is a global, professional, drone racing league with over 1000 chapters internationally including locations such as Australia, Asia, South Africa and Europe. There are no other drone racing leagues with the amount of registered pilots found within our community. Want to get started?

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Latest Drone Racing News

Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Spec Race At I.O.

Are you ready for the 2018 MultiGP International Open? The largest FPV ever begins Wednesday Aug. 8th and runs through Sunday Aug. 12th from the huge AMA headquarters in Muncie, Indiana. This week on MultiGP News, we dig deeper into the spec race. Did you hear the plans? The spec race course will be epic. […]

Week 18 Regional Qualifier Recap

Mark “Mcgap” Braymer is back! The 17-year-old Texas pilot kicked up the competition by several notches and claimed the number one spot in the south-central region with 21 laps in 6:33. Braymer laid down the law and bumped Cameron “ghostish” Fiorini down to 8th and snagged 7th nationally on the regional qualifier course. Thanks to […]

The Largest FPV Gathering In The World Takes Flight Next Week

Week 18 Regional Qualifier Recap A full breakdown of the 2018 MultiGP Regional Qualifier across the country. Read More >>   Rules And Restrictions For Spec At MultiGP International Open This week we dig into the SPEC race at I.O. Read More >>   Northwest Regional Final Preperations Details on the Northwest Regional Final. Read […]

What does MultiGP do?

Build the sport from the grassroots up.

MultiGP transforms groups of drone racers into organized Drone Racing Chapters by providing tools such as proprietary event management software, an interactive website, racing gates, flags and a helpful community with one-on-one mentoring.

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Local to national drone racing competitions.

Our global network of Chapters provides the foundation for our Regional Series. Earn your position at local events across the nation based solely on your skill. We don’t care about how many YouTube subscribers you have.

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2018 US National MultiGP Drone Racing Championship

From zero to hero, the MultiGP Champion will rise through the Regional Series to announce themselves to the world as the undisputed fastest drone racing pilot in the nation.

Truly a skill-based drone racing championship


Learn how you can support this burgeoning sport.

Sanction it and they will race.

MultiGP holds drone racing events to a higher standard of safety, fairness and production. We reserve sanctioning for only a select few events per year. Each of these events gain exposure and attendance based on the association to MultiGP as the largest FPV Sports League in the world. Additionally, people attend and participate due to the fact that we know Drone Racing Production better than anyone and we deliver results better than anyone.

Sponsorship Opportunities

MultiGP is host to more FPV Drone Races in more places each weekend than any other organization on the planet. We are a true large scale world wide competitive league which features the technological cutting edge element of drone racing. MultiGP rivals other competitive leagues in geographical expanse and participation. With more than 1,000 competitive drone racing chapters/clubs and over 16,000 registered competitive FPV drone racing pilots we grow each month by double digits.

Proud Sponsors of Drone Racing

Create your MultiGP profile to gain access to local chapters and start racing! MultiGP was created by pilots, for pilots. Therefore, there is no cost because we work to make competitive drone racing available to everyone.

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