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MultiGP is a global, professional, drone racing league with over 1000 chapters internationally including locations such as Australia, Asia, South Africa and Europe. There are no other drone racing leagues with the amount of registered pilots found within our community. Want to get started?

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Building the Sport from the Grassroots up.

MultiGP transforms groups of pilots into organized Chapters by providing tools such as proprietary event management software, an interactive website, racing gates, flags and a helpful community with one-on-one mentoring.

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MultiGP Regional Series

Our global network of Chapters provides the foundation for our Regional Series. Earn your position at local events across the nation based solely on your skill. We don’t care about how many YouTube subscribers you have.

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MultiGP Drone Racing Championship

This is not some invite-only event fraught with flashy lights. The MultiGP Champion will rise through the Regional Series to announce themselves to the world as the undisputed fastest drone racing pilot in the nation.

2017 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship


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Sanction it and they will race.

MultiGP holds drone racing events to a higher standard of safety, fairness and production. We reserve sanctioning for only a select few events per year. Each of these events gain exposure and attendance based on the association to MultiGP as the largest FPV Sports League in the world. Additionally, people attend and participate due to the fact that we know Drone Racing Production better than anyone and we deliver results better than anyone.

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MultiGP is host to more FPV Drone Races in more places each weekend than any other organization on the planet. We are a true large scale world wide competitive league which features the technological cutting edge element of drone racing. MultiGP rivals other competitive leagues in geographical expanse and participation. With more than 1,000 competitive drone racing chapters/clubs and over 16,000 registered competitive FPV drone racing pilots we grow each month by double digits.

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  • When the two biggest names in Drone Sports come together you know something monumental is going to happen.   Today is that day.   MultiGP is very happy to announce a partnership with the Drone Racing League (DRL) and the inclusion of MultiGP in the DRL Simulator and the

  • This new UTT is taking the action inside   MultiGP’s Universal Time Trial (UTT) Track format allows FPV drone racing pilots to compete against each other across the world by providing standardized local courses partnered with a global leader-board. Pilots attend their local

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Visit our 2017 Drone Racing Championship Recap page for more details on the event.

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