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MultiGP is the largest drone racing league & fpv community in the world. A global, professional, drone racing league with hundreds of chapters internationally including locations such as Australia, Asia, South Africa and Europe, and United States of course. 

MultiGP was created by pilots for pilots, therefore there are no costs. 

Want to get started? 

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Chapters Globally

MultiGP Tools


ZippyQ is a proprietary MultiGP tool, to facilitate the progress of drone race and qualifying sessions through a series of automatic functions that are activated once the pilot scans his or her QR Code on a tablet or smartphone.

RACE sync

The official iOS app of the
MultiGP Drone Racing League

Run your MultiGP Chapter

 The road to MultiGP Championship starts here…

 MultiGP Chapters are groups of pilots in a defined region or city that organize frequent drone racing events to further their skills, competition and progression of our sport.

Anyone can start their own Chapter and immediately enjoy its benefits:

  • Help your Drone Racing Community to grow fast.
  • Get rewards from MultiGP such as gates, flags and prizes.
  • Have all your Seasons, Races, Results and Leaderboard stored and visibile on MultiGP.com
  • Organize a Global Qualifier race in your Region.
  • Give the opportunity to your local pilots to participate in the MultiGP Championship 
MultiGP organizes its Chapters into Tiers. Each tier rewards a Chapter’s growth, which in turn grows our sport organically.

Proud sponsors of MultiGP Drone Racing

New to FPV?

Learn  how to pilot a FPV Drone from zero, using a simulator. It’s the best way to practice flying with no risks and not much costs.
Connect  to velocidrone.com and download MultiGP Official Drone Racing Simulator!

Racing Gates, a worldwide standard for your Drone Racing tracks.

MultiGP has developed racing gates that are simple to transport and setup.
They are specific dimensions so your chapter can easily accommodate sponsor panels when applicable. Panels are shipped to your chapter as they become available through promotion efforts.
Upon progressing through the MultiGP Chapter Tier system, your group could also earn race flags to help your group design more varied race tracks.