Chris Thomas
Founder, CEO, League Commissioner
Wizard of the 5.8 Video Channels, Master of Races and Heats, Manipulator of Cycle Times, Devoted to America, Champion of the Principles of Freedom. The pilots know me as the fastest on Gokarts. The organizers know me as the One with the Megaphone. And I am also known in the North East as the Guy on the Bike.
Joe Scully
Vice President of Events
With 17 Years of Experience entertaining spectators as an Announcer and Sports Event Emcee for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, Monster Jam and more, Scully has become the "John Madden of Drone Racing". His style of fast-paced commentary and quick-wit during staging periods enhances the viewing experience both online and in-house. Currently flying: Tiny Whoop
Shannon Broussard
Director of Chapter Relations
Shannon lives in Louisiana and when he's not busy answering Chapter Organizer inquiries he loves to cook up big pots of gumbo and crawfish. With 4 years in the FPV industry and 14 total in RC, Shannon helps mentor and guide many new chapters. Currently flying: Who am I kidding, all I have time for is to run races.
Mark Grohe
Director of Operations
Mark has been in aviation since 16, with gliders, planes, helicopters, rockets, and even a RC business for 12 years! He is the President of his local AMA club and Tier 1 Chapter Organizer. Mark also has been running a Velocidrone league for almost 2 years, entertaining pilots with random course changes in the heats to sliding the wind slider to surprise the robots! Favorite things to say as Race Director..." we have a RACEOFF!"
Roger Bess
Director of Development
Technology and racing are 2 passions that Roger has enjoyed since his childhood days and that still continues to this day. His passion for technology was satisfied mainly in his 33 year professional career with IBM and Toshiba in engineering. His introduction to drone racing in 2014 was the ultimate merging of racing and technology where he has been an active participant from the ground up.
Ignacio Romero
Ignacio Romero
Director of iOS Development
When he’s not organizing races at his local MultiGP chapter in Vancouver, Canada, Ignacio is crafting beautiful and functional apps for the iPhone. Along with his passion for FPV, Ignacio brings over 10 years of experience designing and programming mobile applications to MultiGP.