Chris Thomas

Founder, CEO, League Commissioner

Wizard of the 5.8 Video Channels, Master of Races and Heats, Manipulator of Cycle Times, Devoted to America, Champion of the Principles of Freedom. The pilots know me as the fastest on Gokarts. The organizers know me as the One with the Megaphone. And I am also known in the North East as the Guy on the Bike.

Clare Canizzaro

Chief Operating Officer

Clare was thrown head-first into the drone racing world in 2021 when she and her husband, Bartolo, realized their eldest son intended to race drones and not just watch YouTube videos about them. Volunteering at the 2021 International Open made her realize that she loved helping run the tracks, take care of pilots or work as pit crew, and wanted to be more involved in every aspect of drone racing. This came as a rather big surprise to the former professional ballet dancer and theatrical tour manager, but with her love for organization, personnel management and attention to detail, she fit right in. One of her happy places is with the MultiGP team, working tirelessly to create events, and making every pilot experience one to remember. When Clare isn’t behind the scenes at MultiGP, she can be found managing an orchestra, digging in her garden, climbing trees in high heels, doing cartwheels in the rain or cracking jokes with her most amazing husband and their three equally incredible boys. [email protected]

Michelle brooks

Event Operations Coordinator

Michelle has had a love for drone racing since she was first introduced in 2016. She attended her first race with her husband, Matt, not having any idea the passion that would arise. She arrived at this race and intently planted her head into a book she had been reading. Ultimately, Michelle could not ignore the sound of the drones going off the block that day; her head snapped up and she has not looked down since. The enthusiasm for the sport revolves around the core concept of grassroots organization. In 2019 Matt & Michelle moved to Florida. They built an amusement park for drone racing on their ten-acre property, where Michelle ensures pilots & organizers are spoiled alike. Throughout years of volunteering, dedication, and hard work, Michelle is a spectator at heart and drone racing’s biggest fan.

Roger Bess

Director of Technical Development

Technology and racing are 2 passions that Roger has enjoyed since his childhood days and that still continues to this day. His passion for technology was satisfied mainly in his 33 year professional career with IBM and Toshiba in engineering. His introduction to drone racing in 2014 was the ultimate merging of racing and technology where he has been an active participant from the ground up.

Mark Grohe

Director of Competition

Mark has been in involved with aviation for over 30 years from models to full scale and even a RC business for 12 years! He is the President of his local AMA club and Tier 1 Chapter Organizer for Fayetteville Multirotor Racers. During the pandemic he started a Velocidrone racing league for the average pilot and that is still active many years later! He has many roles at MultiGP including coordinating track design for Champs, International Open, and the GQ contest along with maintaining the rule book.

Shannon Broussard

Director of Chapter Relations

Shannon lives in Louisiana and when he's not busy answering Chapter Organizer inquiries he loves to cook up big pots of gumbo and crawfish. With 4 years in the FPV industry and 14 total in RC, Shannon helps mentor and guide many new chapters. Currently flying: Who am I kidding, all I have time for is to run races.

Joe Scully

Vice President of Events

With now over 20 years of experience entertaining spectators as an announcer and sports event emcee for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, Monster Jam and more, Scully has become the "John Madden of Drone Racing". His style of fast-paced commentary and quick-wit during staging periods enhances the viewing experience both online and in-house. Currently flying: Tiny Whoop

Doug Kling

Live Stream Producer/Event Planning

Doug joined MultiGP back in 2018 with a diverse professional background of more than 30 years in tour management, live event production, pro audio/video and IT networking. Having volunteered at almost every MultiGP event since the first IO in Muncie, IN, he continues to be a part of the team. While helping with event planning and all things technology, Doug has focused his efforts on integrating the latest in drone technology into live events. His contribution has developed into a passion for event planning, capturing any size drone racing event and streaming them live to the community.

Enrico "Henry" Moizo

Head of Communication, Marketing & Social Media

Enrico is a professional in the field of web communication and webmarketing. He joined the MultiGP team in late 2022 and immediately got to work on the website redesign as well as taking charge of multgp's social media to ensure constant coverage of our activities. He has been an fpv drone pilot since 2018 and loves 5-inch racing and cinematic flying.

Alex Suarez

Director of Governament Affairs

Alex is a passionate aviation enthusiast who has been fascinated with flying since childhood. He has been an active member of the FPV community and has been competing in drone racing events since 2017. In 2020, Alex became involved in drone regulation and has been an active member of several Advanced Aviation Advisory Committee (AAAC) Tasking Groups. He is also a FAA Safety Team DronePro, working to promote safe and responsible drone operations. With his extensive knowledge of aviation and dedication to promoting safety, Alex is committed to advancing the field and ensuring that it remains accessible and enjoyable for all.

Ignacio Romero

Director of iOS Development

When he’s not organizing races at his local MultiGP chapter in Vancouver, Canada, Ignacio is crafting beautiful and functional apps for the iPhone. Along with his passion for FPV, Ignacio brings over 10 years of experience designing and programming mobile applications to MultiGP.