2018 Regional Series Update

As pilots are getting ready for the 2018 Regional Series, so is MultiGP. There will be several differences from this year’s Regional Series, so this blog is to help explain the changes. These modifications were made to help streamline the Regional Series and to make it easier to understand for all involved.

The 2018 Regional Series

There are several foundational changes that are being implemented in the 2018 Regional Series. These structural and procedural changes have been carefully thought out. The intent of these changes is to simplify the overall for all involved, from pilot to chapter organizer.

Redraw Regions

The current number of regions will be restructured. The U.S. will now consist of six  major Regions:

  • North West
  • North Central
  • North East
  • South West
  • South Central
  • South East

This will simplify the overall process of the Regional Series, for pilot and chapter organizer alike. MultiGP will be removing the stress from the chapter organizers by running all 6 Regional Finals. These 6 Regional Finals will be run by the MultiGP staff, called by Joe Scully, and will be a multi-day event with up 100 qualified pilots competing for an invitation to the National Championship.


Regional Qualifiers

Pilot Must Declare Region They Plan To Compete In

The 2018 Regional Series will also use a new Regional Qualification system. At the beginning of the 2018 Series pilots that are interested in competing will have to declare a Region that they will be participating in. All of the pilot’s qualifying attempts must take place in this Region. A pilot does not have to live in the Region they choose to compete in, but they must compete in the Region they choose for the entire season. Pilots are not limited in the amount of Regional Qualifiers they can compete in within their Region.

Regional Qualifiers

Chapters in a Region are only allowed to run one Regional Qualifier. the running of a Regional Qualifier by a race chapter is voluntary. This will give more chapters the ability to hold Regional Qualifier if they choose. Pilots are not limited in the amount of Regional Qualifiers they can compete in within their Region. We encourage every chapter to hold a Regional Qualifier, thus ensuring pilots in their Region have every opportunity to qualify.

Regional Qualifier Track

Chapters choosing to run a Regional Qualifier must use the specified Regional Qualifier Track. This will be a pre-designed track that all Regional Qualifiers will take place on. This track will be set up by the individual chapters according to the Regional Qualifier Track Setup Sheet and verified via the Track Dimension Worksheet. Pilots competing in Regional Qualifiers will then have their standings entered into the Regional Standings List.

Regional Standings List

Every participant in a regional qualifier will be added to the Regional Standings List for that Region. The top 100 pilots from each Regional Standings List will advance to the Regional Final. The Regional Standings are seeded by the best 3/5 rounds. The more Regional Qualifiers that a pilot competes in, the more chances they have of advancing in the Regional Standings List. This will encourage pilots to explore their region, and connect with other chapters.

Regional Finals

The 2018 Regional Series will have 6 Regional Finals, one for each Region. These Regional Finals will be run by MultiGP, taking the burden and stress off of the chapter organizers. The Regional Finals will all be scheduled out by taking the Region’s climates into consideration. Regions with warmer climates will have their Finals earlier in the Season. Northern Regions will have their Finals later in the Season. The top 100 pilots from each of the Regional Standings Lists will be invited to the Regional Finals. With a maximum of 100 pilots for each Final, the events will be larger and more exciting for all involved. The Regional Finals will also be multi-day events, to give enough time to hold the competition both fairly and efficiently.

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National Championship

There will be a maximum of 151 pilots invited to the National Championship. These 151 spots are determined via 5 qualification methods:

  1. Defending Champion (1)
  2. Finalists (36)
  3. Contenders (36)
  4. The List (72)
  5. Golden Ticket (6)

Defending Champion (1)

The previous year’s champion will be invited to defend their title. This invitation allows the Champion to participate at the National Championship without attending any regional qualifier or final. Automatically advances to Fast 57 round.

Finalists (36)

The top 6 pilots from each regional final will be invited to participate in the National Championship. They will automatically advance to Fast 57 round.

Contenders (36)

Ranks 7-12 from each regional final will be invited to participate in the National Championship. These 36 pilots will compete with the List and Wildcard pilots for 20 advancing slots.

The List (72)

All the regional final participants ranked 12-100 at their respective regional final will be placed into The List. The top 72 pilots on The List will be invited to participate in the National Championship where they will compete with the Contenders and Wildcards in an on-site, best 2 of 3 rounds, race. The top 20 from this race will advance to the Fast 57 round.

WildCard Qualifier (6 pilots)

6 wildcard qualification slots for the Championship will be assigned to 6 sanctioned races throughout the year. These 6 slots will race with the pilots from The List and Contenders in an on-site, best 2 of 3 rounds race for the 20 advancing slots.

National Championship Progression

The 2018 National Championship will begin with the pilots who make up The List,  competing in a best 2 of 3 rounds, race. The top 20 from this race will advance to the Fast 57 round, joining the Defending Champion and the Finalists. The Fast 57 participate in a 3 round qualification race to determine the Final 16 that advance to double elimination brackets. The Final 16 then compete in the double elimination brackets until the new National Champion is determined.

151 entrants total → Fast 57

Defending Champion → automatically advanced (1) → Fast 57
Finalists →  automatically advanced (36) → Fast 57
Contenders + The List + Wildcards → 3 round race, best 2/3 rounds: Top (20) advance → Fast 57

Fast 57 → Final 16
The Fast 57 participate in a 3 round qualification on site to determine top 16 that advance to double elimination brackets. Ranked in order of best single round.

Final 16 → Champion
Double elimination brackets are held until a new champion is crowned. First to X laps.

For more information on the feedback we received from the community that shaped these rules, please see 2017 Community Survey Results

About MultiGP:

MultiGP is the largest professional drone racing league in the world. Because of this, MultiGP hosts frequent competitive gatherings and casual events within its extensive network. The Organization currently has over 20,000 registered pilots in addition to 500 active chapters worldwide. MultiGP nurtures its Chapters by providing tools, guidance and community support. These programs make drone racing fun, organized and rewarding for pilots, Chapter Organizers, and spectators. MultiGP has created multiple programs designed to allow the drone racing community to compete in an easily accessible yet structured format. Because of MultiGP’s efforts, it is the Academy of Model Aeronautics Special Interest Group for First Person View (FPV) Racing. For more information, go to www.MultiGP.com.

To learn more about MultiGP drone racing, and how you can get involved, join us on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/MultiGPCommunity/ and on Twitter – @Multi_GP


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