2018 South Central Regional Final Recap and Unofficial The List Results

Podium from the 2018 South Central Regional Final. L-R Rob Herman (North East Dallas Speed Addicts), Mark “McGap” Braymer (2nd), Alex “Captain Vanover” Vanover (1st), Justin “ItWillBeFun” Skinner (3rd) and Jay McKibbon (North East Dallas Speed Addicts) Photo Credit: Cathy Vanover


The South Central Regional Final sponsored by Superior One Roofing, the last Final of the 2018 MultiGP Regional Series presented by the Academy of Model Aeronautics has wrapped!

It was a saga to say the least, but yet another event went from crisis to celebration due to true grit and determination by volunteers, pilots and crew.

As the rain eliminated one day of the two day final, ranking for Contenders, Finalists and “The List” will have to be manually completed and the online leaderboard will be updated. For now, here is an “UNOFFICIAL RESULT AND RANKING” from the South Central Regional Final.

As it pertains to all 1,003 pilots that did a lap or more on the Regional Qualifier Course to the 363 Pilots that attended a Regional Final in 2018. Here is the unofficial update: we added 5 to the top-72 on “the List” which means 9 laps / 8:01 is the time in 72nd! Everything ranked higher is IN!

For those that didn’t make the cut, don’t worry:

There are two wildcards coming up November 10 weekend at either Flite Fest Texas or AMA Expo West (California) and we will be filling the grid at champs, meaning we will go down the list to confirm pilots!

Congratulations to the Podium:
1st – Alex “captainvanover” Vanover
2nd – Mark “Mcgap” Braymer
3rd – Justin “Itwillbefun” Skinner

Alex “captainvanover” Vanover is the reining MultiGP Champion, he will already be a part of the Fast 57 at Championships. Therefore, ranks 2nd – 7th from the SC Regional Final are advancing to the Fast 57 as Finalists.  Ranks 8th – 13th from the South Central Regional final will be invited to participate in the Contenders Division at Championships as well.

Since Mark “McGap” Braymer  just sealed a Finalist Position, his Wild Card invite from the 2018 MultiGP International Open Spec Race will be passed on to Anthony”AKnumbers” Kuhns!

Heat by heat, lap by lap, round by round results, livestream excerpts and full rankings available at http://MGP.LiveFPV.com (best 3 of 5 final rank -> http://mgp.livefpv.com/results/?p=view_points&id=906994)

Thanks again to the entire team from North East Dallas Speed Addicts and Toxic Props for hosting this event and all that they did to make this a SUCCESS!


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