2019 Global Qualifier Guy Wire Clarification

It has come to our attention that one or more MultiGP Series Global Qualifiers were run without the required guy wires. As of today, any MultiGP Series Global Qualifier run without the guy wires will be invalidated and the results disqualified. All times from MultiGP Series Global Qualifiers run before August 29, 2019 will stand.

To alleviate the matter of “cut-offs” of Pro and Sport Class, we will activate a standard margin of error.  A liberal +/- 2% based on the sample size will be applied to the negative side of the cut-off. Pilots in positions 201-210 may opt to advance to the Pro Class.  We will also guarantee positions 301-320 to Sport Class. Anyone in positions 191-200 that feels they want to bump from Pro into Sport may request that by providing DVR, Livetime Results and any other pertinent supporting information that their time was based on a guy-wireless course and MultiGP will review the request.


Recently a Global Qualifier was hosted without the obligatory guy wires.  After a review and consultations with members of our community we have found that this was likely not the only event running a non-regulation course.  While there were multiple examples found in an initial search, many of these searches showed that the tracks were being run in a practice format, ahead of a GQ event.

With a moderate amount of FPV CSI conducted, we feel that the number of qualifiers without guy wires is less than 10%.  We are also taking into consideration that most pilots attended multiple qualifiers, and while almost 50% of pilots experienced time improvements, that also is similar to the standard improvement across the board.  In reviewing the times, the time increase was very marginal, which could be attributed mostly to the previous experience on the course, and it is therefore difficult to prorate based on times

There is no question on the understanding of the guy wires requirement.  In addition to weekly group chats established with hosting chapters and multiple conversations in social media with organizers all year, the requirement is clearly identified on the track diagram in the instructions and visually in the diagram itself.

The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that all Global Qualifiers Courses worldwide are run to the same standard and specifications.  Not including the guy wires provides a marginal time advantage to competing pilots, but primarily results in less risk of ending a run early, affording more qualifying runs or full qualifying runs to those running without them.

The largest concern regarding any action in response is the effect on participating pilots.  While every participant must be aware of the rules and regulations, the required use of guy wires is solely listed in the Track Diagram, and therefore it is unlikely that all participating pilots were aware of this requirement.

The responsibility for the track build, the meeting of specifications and the enforcement of the rules and regulations remains on the Chapter Organizer.  In consulting with one of the organizers in question, they admitted that it was an oversight, non-intentional, and regret that error immensely.

In terms of disciplinary action, any action towards a chapter would again adversely affect the pilots in that area, and not be helpful to the goal of growing the sport of drone racing.

For the future, we will be adding verification of any object such as guy wires to the existing track verification process.  With one weekend remaining of Global Qualifiers, we will continue to enforce guy wire use and in this instance disqualify any times posted on any course without guy wires August 29-September 2, 2019.  Any offending chapters this weekend will face additional disciplinary action.

We would like to thank our Tier 1 Council for taking the time to address this matter immediately with the MultiGP Officers and for their thoughtful insight and proposals.

We also look forward to furthering our development of rules, regulations, protocols and procedures in seasons to come in order to continue to  improve the fairness of competition for all.

Thank you for your support of MultiGP and our chapters.




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