2020 MultiGP Sport Class Championship Cancelled

October 5, 2020

For a number of reasons outside of our control, specifically low participant participation and travel restrictions for pilots and crew, MultiGP regretfully has made the decision to cancel the 2020 MultiGP Sport Class Championship. As we reflect just 24 days away from when the event was scheduled to transpire, the event is not in a position to be successful for the organization, nor would continuing forward provide the pilot experience expected from MultiGP.

This change will not affect the 2020 MultiGP Championship presented by RaceDayQuads.com (Pro Class) the following weekend.

Travel Restrictions due to Coronavirus have plagued our participant, volunteer and staff rosters. To date, only 22 Sport Class pilot tickets have been purchased out of a maximum 100 available. There have been a number of pilots that have expressed interest, however, even including those 20 pilots in the potential attendee total, not only will the attendance not match 2019’s 79 pilots, attempting to continue the event with 40 pilots on its own is not financially viable.

We sincerely apologize to all of those Sport Class pilots that were planning on attending and we share in your disappointment. Sport Class Pilots that would still like to attend the Championship will have the option to use their Sport Class ticket to attend and compete during the following weekend at the Pro Class Championship, Nov 5-8. Based on overall attendance, weather and staffing parameters, we may explore an additional set of brackets for the lower end of the field outside of the traditional top-40 and next-40 at Champs.

We will be contacting each pilot individually via email to prepare either a full refund of their ticket or to confirm their attendance the following weekend at the 2020 MultiGP Championship presented by RaceDayQuads.com. Sport Class commemorative T-shirts will still be available.

It is our intention to host a Sport Class Championship in 2021 with a strong roster of participants.

Thank you to our pilot community for your understanding during this difficult period.




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