2020 Rules and Season Start

Who will dethrone the king?
Will Evan Turner achieve the first ever, Three-Peat?

The 2020 season is upon us and pilots across the world are preparing, planning and practicing with their sights set on the two-time champion. Will a new contender rise through the ranks and dethrone the back-to-back MultiGP Champion? With his Ironman streak finally broken at the 2019 Championship, hungry usurpers start to see gaps in the champion’s armor.  They sense weakness. Their resolves fasten.

Meanwhile the defending champ awaits. He has not been idle. His gaze, unwavering.  His mouth pursed in a slight, wry smile.

His arms held open, welcoming all those that would challenge the king.



2020 Season Rules Released

After several rounds of review, and feedback from the Tier 1 chapter council, the MultiGP 2020 Season rules are now available online.


2020 Season Starts in March

12:01am March 20th – 11:59pm September 7th, 2020.


2020 Season Changes:

  • New: Chapters must have held 3 races in the calendar year in order to be eligible to host a qualifier.
  • New: Qualifier rounds increased to 10
  • New: UTT is once again a viable route to entry into the Championship, only via UTT10 (not yet released)
  • Season length: March 20 – Sep 7
  • 1 standardized global qualifier track (10 gates, 5 flags)
  • Pilots can attend as many qualifiers as they want.
  • Tier 1/2 Chapters may host 2 qualifiers
  • Tier 3 chapters may host 1 qualifier


Sport Championship Returns!

After the successful and well-received inaugural Sport Class Championship weekend, we will continue to hold both Pro and Sport class championships. The first weekend will host the Sport Class championship, where pilots ranked under 200 on the list will be invited (100 invites maximum) to the Sport Class Championship to crown the Sport Class Champion. Our goal is to continue growing local grassroots racing by giving new racers their own championship to progress through.

The following weekend, the top 200 Pro Class pilots will battle it out for the prestigious title of MultiGP Champion.




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