2023 Mayhem is history!

What an INCREDIBLE day of Drone Racing! On April 15th at the Dallas Drone Racing field the seventh edition of Mayhem, the longest race in drone racing, took place. The longest race in drone racing, is already history.
Mayhem is not just a speed race. It is about endurance. It is about team strategy. It is about focus and sweat.

The 7th Mayhem started promptly at 7:07 a.m. (Central Standard Time), with seven teams lined up and ready to battle. Throughout the race, the Flight Club team showed no signs of letting up or waning in concentration, staying on the top of the leaderboard from start to finish and setting the ALL-TIME RECORD for laps in Mayhem: an impressive 1446 laps!

The battle for second place was more tightly contested. Bay Area Racing and Team White Goat battling the entire day, but the 25-lap gap remained nearly unchanged until the end. In the end, the defending champions, White Goat held on to second place.
Trailing slightly behind White Goat, Dream Team held a solid lock on fourth. HDZero and Don’t Mess with Texas battled it out until the end, even matching lap counts several times during the race. In the last ten minutes HD Zero Team was able to put a step over, finishing with +2 laps and nailing the 5th place overall. Last, but not least, Mamba finished out the day in the 7th spot.

Congratulations going to the Mayhem Lucky 7 Champions – Team Flight Club, and to Team White Goat and Team Bay Area Racing for the podium. Beyond the winning ranks, it was a day of sporting triumph, fun and friendship.
The purest form of drone racing” as it was referred to in the live stream comments.

Here’s some statistics from the race:

  • 7796 laps completed
  • more than 60 pilots participating
  • over 2,500 lipo discharged
  • 1200 propellers abused 


Individual Races

On Sunday, April 16th, the MultiGP individual races for Freedom Spec and Open classes were also held as scheduled at the Dallas Drone Racing field.

For the Freedom Spec class we saw a beautiful final with Daylight_FPV going on to win the first race and immediately becoming the ace to chase. Although SFPV was able to turn things around in the next two rounds of the final by finishing first in both, ahead of AyyyKayyy twice, who placed second. Third place for Daylight_FPV and fourth for Adrone.

The Open class saw MCK, Hyper, Hajun and Ayyyykayyyy, meeting again in the finals after a first taste of the final during  Race 11. The final started with a shocking crash on the first lap by MCK allowing Hyper to win ahead of Ayyykayyy and Hajun respectively.
But the South Korean champion once again showed cold blood and nerves of steel, making the comeback exactly like SFPV, in the next two rounds, placing first in both with Hyper right behind by just 2 seconds. Third place for Hajun and fourth for Ayyyykayyy.

Overall, another exciting day of MultiGP drone racing with incredible, world class pilots!


So THANK YOU to all the participants, to all the MultiGP staff who worked tirelessly to plan the event, build the track and broadcast the race live. Thank you to Shannon Broussard who makes this event possible every year. And to the Sponsors who believe in this sport we all love, we are grateful for your support.

We now look forward to April 28, two weeks from now, for the highly anticipated Ice Storm race in Milwaukee, WI. Don’t miss it!




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