2020 Mega Class Season Leaderboard

Each pilot’s best three points races are combined for their 2020 MultiGP Mega Class Series points total. Series points totals will be used to qualify for and to seed the 2020 MultiGP Giant Drone Racing Championship utilizing the “Texas Method”. For more information please refer to the 2020 Mega Series Rules and to the Official 2020 MultiGP Rules & Regulations. (Official 2019 MultiGP Rules & Regulations available here.) The 2020 MultiGP Mega Class Series schedule is available here.

Pilot Name
Pilot Handle
1stMatt TickelTickel30
2ndDavid MillsOld_Man_FPV22
3rdJoshua StalheimSkybound21
4thTaylor HancockHandy_20
5thPaul LindlerSpaceForceFPV18
6thRyan SmithSmithers15
7thDonald StriflerIronbeaglefpv13
8thGreg HeinenScaryEngineer9
9thNoah HeinenSuperNova6