January 22, 2018

Chris Thomas Addresses 2018 Heat Time Survey & Battery Limits

Heat times and battery restrictions have been a topic of heavy debate over the last several months. With the conclusion of the most recent poll, Chris Thomas felt it necessary to take some time and discuss the results.

A Message From Chris Thomas Regarding Heat Times

Supporting Graphs

Here are two graphs that show the results from the most recent heat time and battery restriction. The first graph shows the poll results based on the different selections that were voted on. The second graph compiles the data based on battery restriction (4s Vs. No Limit).

Cast Your Vote For The Final Decision

Your opinion is important to us. Cast your vote for the heat times that will be used in the 2018 Regional Series by following the link below. This poll will be active for seven days and the final results will be posted after they have been tabulated and verified.

Thank you for your passion and your feedback. It is our shared love of drone racing that will grow our sport.


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