Flite Fest Ohio Recap

Courtesy: Eli Abitbol

Did you hear about the drone racing at Flite Fest Ohio? Over the weekend Eli “Bull FPV” Artibol captured a triple crown in an exciting chase the ace format…the final 4 start with a clean slate, with the winner being the first pilot to earn two wins (perhaps it is done in 2, but it could go 5 races! At Flite Fest Ohio it went 3 races two of three nights).
We claim victory on our new format concept, “chase the ace” after testing it last Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in a great to watch heated battle revealing, Eli “Bull FPV” Abitbol was the ace to chase three nights in a row. Bull FPV grabbed the Flight Fest Ohio wildcard slot to compete in the MultiGP Championship. Wow, what a fast and accurate pilot.




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