I.O. 2018, A Bigger And Better FPV Event For All

Courtesy: Josh Lewis

Wow what a memorable event and what a successful turnout at the MultiGP International Open this year. Hundreds of pilots from all over the world flocked to the Hoosier state at the massive headquarters of the academy of model aeronautics in Muncie, Indiana this month. Pilots traveled from all corners of the globe including Norway, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, Australia and even Turkey to be a part of the biggest FPV gathering worldwide. MultiGP thanks everyone who joined us at I.O. And for the few that couldn’t make it, there’s always next year. In fact, you can visit our website at multigp.com right now and purchase your ticket to I.O. 2019.

Here’s how much fun we had at #mgpio2018. 10 great tracks. 1200 acres of flying heaven. 5 days of nonstop, full send, rippage We visited the Academy of Model Aeronautics in Muncie Indiana, home of the biggest FPV gathering on the planet. Check out the 10 epic tracks we had set up. Sponsored by Team Black Sheep This is the freestyle track.

Sponsored by drone college here is where all the team racing went down including memorizing X class team races. This is the team track where all the races were intense to say the least.

Courtesy: Matt Ruddick

Courtesy: Eric Arkadiusz Milewski

Courtesy: Paul Park

Take a look at these humongous drones. Team Heart of America and the Central Illinois Drone Racers gave us quite a show after a seriously dueling it out for the top spot. Team Canada was ahead from the get go and took honors in the race like champs. Way to go team Canada! Here are team racing standings.


  1. Team Canada
  2. Heart of America
  3. Cincinnati Drone Racers 
  4. M Ba
  5. FPV Direct
  6. Kwad Rivals
  7. White Goat
  8. TBS
  9. Demon Power Systems
  10. Detroit MultiRotor B
  11. HeliNation
  12. Detroit MultiRotor A
  13. HobbyWing
  14. EMax
  15. House of Kwad
  16. Kwad Rivals

More racing on team track. Next,  X-class racing. Their big rigs are definitely one to remember, watching the giant drones shredded the course. Here are the results for x class.


  1. Jon Gaiser
  2. Lucas Dearborn
  3. Jay Day
  4. Colby Curtola
  5. Kelsey Allen
  6. Nathan DuCray
  7. Josh Close
  8. Kris Kleva
  9. Matthew Tickel
  10. Andrew Wiebold
  11. Zoe Stumbaugh
  12. Dave Schlitter
  13. Evan Turner
  14. Chris Grenner
  15. Kele Stanley

Sponsored by Emax, the spec competition took flight on a magnificent spec track and boy did that drone racing have everyone at the edge of their seats! Here are the results for SPEC race.

Courtesy: Brian Morris

Courtesy: Brian Morris


  1. Evan “HeadsupFPV” Turner
  2. Michael “FPVDoug” Douglas
  3. Eli “Bull-FPV” Abitbol
  4. Mark “McGap” Braymer
  5. Anthony “AKnumbers” Kuhns
  6. Zach “FalconX” Carlson
  7. Jerrod “Jrod” Qullien
  8. Patrick “Enginair” White

Sponsored by Video Aerial Systems, the Wing track was pretty exciting to watch and even more thrilling for pilots to race. Here’s big shout out to Shelby and I B Crazy for holding down the epic Wing track.

Courtesy: Chris Hopper

Courtesy: Brian Morris

Courtesy: Matt Ruddick

The World Cup 1 track was definitely a hot spot. Sponsored by our very good friends at Team Black Sheep the World Cup Race was sizzling — literally. What a race, what a battle, meet your 2018 world cup champion! Here are the overall results

WC Track:

  1. HeadsupFPV
  2.  Billster
  3.  JohnEFly
  4.  FPVdoug
  6.  EthanFPV
  7. BullFPV
  8.  Ghostish

The HobbyWing World Cup 2 track gave pilots more packs to burn and tons of flying time. The HobbyWing World Cup track was all about flying!

And don’t look at the size of the drone. These tiny quads are fast. This is the micro track. DRL pilot Nubb ripped it up on the track with tunnel vision for first place on the micro. Here are the micro results

Courtesy: Michelle Mills


  1. Nubb
  2. Rathbourne
  3. The_Herder
  4. AKnumbers
  5. NeonFPV
  6. K1NG
  7. CarbonFire
  8. SethPV

Courtesy: Matt Ruddick

The Rookie track was another popular spot. Pro Indy 500 race car driver Gabby Chaves showed up to defend his title taking first in the intermediate class. Great gabby! #gogabbygo Here is the full list of results

Rookie Track:

  1. Cannonball
  2. Dave_J
  3. PolloLoco
  4. Otter
  5. EZ_FLyer
  6. DoALoop
  7. DanDanTheMattressMan
  8. TheRealRickyBobby

The FAI race was exhilarating to watch with all the junior and female pilots competing for their chance represent team USA in Shenzhen China. The competition was close. Congratulations to all!  Now let’s meet team USA, William Schuett, Tristin Gilbert, Kevin Mead, Christopher Hartman, Jessika Farrar.

Courtesy: Chris Hartman

And when the sun when down, pilots migrated to the led night track where quads flew under the lights. Sponsored by Progressive RC the led track attracted everyone after hours.

Courtesy: Clint Hild

Courtesy: Brian Morris

The night owls also gathered at the after-hours track better known as the tiny whoop heaven. A big shout out to our good friend Jessie P. Who set up a sick tiny whoop world for everyone to enjoy. What a day! Our very own Joe Scully also competing in the whoop race final. Here are the results for the tiny whoop final

Tiny Whoop:

  1. Phluxy
  2. SFPV
  3. AlienWhoop

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