All true sports are judged by their leaderboard.

This is how the drone racing pilots, and the general public, can see which pilots are are skilled enough to be on the top of the lists. MultiGP currently has a leaderboard for every Universal Time Trial (UTT) track, so pilots can see how they measure up to the pilots all around the world. Do you have a friend on the other side of the globe who is a MultiGP pilot? You can compete against each other through the UTT Leadberboards. By creating the UTT system, MultiGP has provided the sport of drone racing with standard track layouts that make ranking pilots worldwide possible. FPV pilots from the United states can compete and get ranked against pilots from Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Australia, or anywhere else in the world.

By competing at a MultiGP UTT event, you are able to submit your times to the MultiGP UTT Leaderboard. All submitted times are verified by providing a DVR (Digital Video Recording) from the pilot’s goggles, or from chapter organizers who’ve certified the course and times during an event.  These times are then tabulated and ranked against the other FPV pilots who have submitted lap times for the same UTT. These UTT leaderboards (one for each UTT) are updated often to keep pilots informed of the top times to beat.