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June 26-30, 2019 The third annual, largest gathering of FPV pilots in the world.

Don’t miss out on the biggest FPV event of 2019. Save the date now or buy tickets now!


What can I expect at the 2019 International Open?

5 days of non-stop FPV flying, fun and friends!

8 flying locations and multiple tracks! Two Identical World Cup Tracks, Wing Track, Rookie Track, Intermediate Track, Micro Track, Mega Track, Team Racing, Tiny Whoop, Freestyle and so much more! Meet all your favorite pilots, hang out and burn packs all day. Just walk up to any track, get in line, and FLY!


Race Tracks:

1 APD & CATALYST MACHINEWORKS Micro, Mega & Team Track

Bring your tiny or HUGE quads to this track. Also features a Team racing track for the Team Racing event scheduled. During other times Micros and Megas my fly freely.


IO wouldn’t be complete without some FPV wing racing hosted by Video Aerial Systems and the FPVWRA. You can’t miss their huge inflatable pylons and gates.

3 – THUNDER POWER FREESTYLE TRACK With Botgrinder and Cricket

Come chill with Cricket and Botgrinder and rip up the freestyle track, learn some tricks or just vibe out. Who else can manage to successfully dive the AMA Silo?

4 – DRONE NATION World Cup Track #2

A second identical world cup track to ensure all pilots get ample flying time. Come to World Cup Track #2 for some fun games and prizes courtesy of Drone Nation.

5 – EMAX Rookie Track

New to racing or FPV? Come to the rookie track where you can experience an easy track and friendly staff who will help you in a no-pressure environment.


Want to hone your skills a little more? The intermediate track increases the difficulty and you can log some official 2019 MultiGP Series qualifying times and get ranked on the 2019 leaderboard.

7 – TINY WHOOP PRESENTS Tiny Whoop Track

With even more allocated tent space this year, the Tiny Whoop track will feel less crowded and give Jesse ample room to craft the finest of Tiny Whoop tracks. Open every evening, it is the night-time party spot for IO.

8 HOBBYWING World Cup Track #1

This track is where the all the action goes down. All the vendors and sponsor booths will be at this location. Some RV spots and camping spots are available too. The Tiny Whoop tent is also at this location for night-time activities.


View the Official Pilot Manual for #MGPIO2019.


Where is the event?

The event is held at the Academy of Model Aeronautics headquarters and national flying site in Muncie Indiana. 1200 acres of beautiful RC modeling fields will be hosting the 8 different tracks where you can fly to your heart’s content. After you visit the registration area in the front of the property for your ticket badge, be prepared to drive around in order to hit all the tracks. Camping and RV hookups are also available and quite a lot of pilots take advantage of this, so come out early because the lots are first-come, first-served. See the AMA front desk to sign up for your RV lot or camping site. Don’t forget to tour the AMA Museum, it contains some unique and really amazing pieces of RC history.

All modelers are welcome: Wings, Tiny Whoops, Mini Quads and Mega Quads

While a majority of the FPV pilots in attendance will be racing their mini quads, there is something for everyone at IO. Bring your FPV wing out to IO and race it on the wing track where Alex Greve (IBcrazy) and the FPV Wing Racing Association will be be inflating their huge gates and pylons and conducting some truly awesome wing races. Micro quads and Mega quads aren’t forgotten either, the Micro & Mega track features small and huge gates. They aren’t near each other, so don’t worry that your freshly built 2 inch quad is gonna get destroyed by a something with 13 inch props.

All skill levels are welcome: Rookies, Intermediate, Pros

Almost every track has a competition scheduled and a recommended skill level. Beginners can visit the Rookie track and expect a gentle course with big gates and a friendly track crew ready to help them get into racing in a low pressure environment. More seasoned racers can practice their lines or lay down a qualifying time for the 2019 MultiGP Series on the Intermediate track. Two dedicated and identical World Cup tracks to practice and qualify on, ensures that anyone that wants to fly will get to do so. Check out the full schedule of events and competitions below.

Racing not your thing? Prefer Freestyle?

From the iconic Futaba Tower in 2017 to the 30 foot tall letters that welcomed all pilots in 2018, the freestyle track at IO has always delivered a big experience. This year Botgrinder and CricketFPV from Rotor Riot will be hanging out at the Freestyle track, playing music and FPV games and getting that epic footy for the vlog. Don’t forget, the entire event operates at 25mW only! So turn down those 600mW video transmitters if you want to freestyle at IO.

What are pilots saying about IO2019?

Jordan Temkin (Jet)

“I fly Fpv because I love to fly and I love the community. I’ll be going to IO because I want to enjoy my time hanging out with friends.

Also golf carts.”

Jesse P (Tiny Whoop)

“Obviously Tiny Whoop will be headed to IO! Friends, competition and glory are worth more than cash. MultiGP is still putting on the best events out there! You gonna miss the Tiny Whoop International Open?”

Shaun Taylor (Nytfury)

“I was born in MultiGP. MOLDED BY IT. Along the way I’ve made decisions which kept me away which hurt deep. As much as I try to steer clear…drama always followed. I’ve seen the highest highs, and lowest lows. I may have been lost but I found my way. I have relearned why I chose this as my passion. I plan to share that same passion with the love of my life, and the rest of my Fpv family. Not for money. Not for glory. Not for sponsors. For everyone who wakes up everyday…and can’t live without those famous words…”Live on the tone…in less than 5.” We are coming to IO for the true love of the sport. Cheers to friends and Fpv.”

Raphael Pirker (Trappy)

“Going to IO has become a pillar in my yearly calendar. You get to meet all your online buddies, compete in tracks or rip freestyle courses, chill together and just have a great time for an entire week!”

Alex Vanover (CaptainVanover)

“Without the spotlight that many pilots including myself have received by doing well at MultiGP races, big leagues such as DRL, DCL, and DR1 would have never noticed me as a pilot. MultiGP was the ONLY LEAGUE that opened those doors for me to grow as a pilot, and for that I’m truly grateful! I will be attending the I.O, it was the event I regretted not attending last year, and I won’t make that mistake again!”

Jessika Dronehart

“I’ll be at IO again. Last year was fun. This year will be even better.”

Neil Marek

“I’m really looking forward to IO, it is the most fun event of the year, I really wouldn’t miss it. I always say to any pilot thinking about going to something more than a local event, if you had to choose just one event in the country to go to, It should be IO. It really is just a blast. See yall there!!”

Tristen Gilbert

“I am planning on going. last year’s was huge and I really want to see what will happen this year. It was also a blast hanging out with all my friends and flying drones nonstop. Oh, and pit crew wants to go this year.”

Charlie Suangka

“International Open has been an eye opening experience for how awesome the FPV community is. Amazing people, crazy awesome venue, and more flying than you can shake a stick at! SO MUCH FUN to be had. The only bad part about IO, is that it ends. Really looking forward to IO19!”

Corey Tapp

“I am going to be at IO because it’s where it all started for me . Good friends, good vibes, and ripppping all the things”

Paul Bitmatta

“We did the 2017 IO and had a blast, missed 2018 unfortunately so back for the the ultimate drone race. Most race meets are over in a day or two, this one lasts longer than that, so you really get the time to take in the whole atmosphere.”

Thomas Bitmatta

“I had a great time at IO back in 2017. Between the racing and meeting so many amazing people I had an awesome time. I was meant to go to IO in 2018 but had other commitments so I will return to IO this year!””

Didn’t go to IO? YOU. MISSED. OUT.