A look Inside The Tiny Whoop Track and Spec Race At MultiGP International Open

It’s almost time for the FPV event of the year. The 2018 MultiGP international open begins Wednesday Aug. 8th and runs through Sunday Aug. 12th from the pristine AMA headquarters in Muncie, Indiana. This week on MultiGP News, we dig into the spec race and the tiny whoop international open. Jesse p will be hosting tiny whoop with an amazing tiny whoop track. Each pilot will have lots of practice time every evening during the event with 2 chances to submit official qualifying times.

Tiny whoop racing will be casual practice every day except the last night after the world cup race. During casual practice, you can come up to Jesse P. or any of the tiny whoop volunteers and ask to do one of your two official qualifying times. We’ll use those times to pick a top 16 who will enter a double elimination bracket immediately after the world cup, starting at 10:15 pm Saturday. The last chance to qualify will be Friday night but we recommend you get your times in before then, qualifying will be very packed Friday night.

We recently discussed the future of spec class and the big spec race going down at I.O. In our last live stream debate. Sponsored by our lovely friends at Emax the spec race course will be epic. MultiGP commissioner and founder, Chris Thomas, expressed his excitement with this social media post about the track. During the spec race, pilots will fly and qualify with a fastest-3 consecutive lap time.  The top 16 pilots will compete in the championship.

This will be a double elimination race of pilots who are flying a Multirotor assembled with the approved components from the 2017-2018 MultiGP Spec Class component list. The final 8 race once, with the top-3 advancing to the championship, while 4th through 8th will race once more for the final championship spot, with the winner advancing to the championship final. Final 4 race once to decide the 2018 spec race 2018 championship.

$5000 prize purse payoff will be as follows:

  • 1st $1,150, 2nd $1,000, 3rd $850, 4th $700, 5th $550, 6th $400, 7th $250, 8th $100
  • Wildcard invite to 2018 MultiGP Championship

Track schedule:

  • Thursday 10 am: Endurance race
  • Friday 2 pm: Vertical drag race
  • Saturday 10 am: Spec class final

Worn out from all that flying? Hang out at the vendor village!

We have plans for you to lay low, relax at the stage and vendor village, listen to some good music, hang with friends and join us for some fun and singing in the karaoke corner. The 2018 I.O. Pilot manual has been published, use it as a guide and the “go to handbook” for all your MultiGP International Open questions. Check out multigp.io to find the official pilots manual.

Also, we could use your help at, consider being a volunteer for the I.O. If you are going and can give a few hours of support, then let’s do it! For volunteers, your I.O. ticket is free. Interested? Visit multigp.io and register now. Don’t miss out on the largest fpv event on the planet. The 2018 MultiGP International Open kicks off Aug. 8 and runs through Aug. 12th at the AMA headquarters in Muncie, Indiana. Everyone let’s go I.O! Visit multigp.io to purchase your ticket to the most epic event in 2018 the MultiGP International Open!


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