April 11, 2019

MultiGP Mega News!

Welcome to the first installment of MultiGP Mega News. Featuring giant-sized drones between 800 and 1050mm, MultiGP Mega Class joins Tiny Whoop, Micro, 3S, 4S and Open as the latest addition to the roster of MultiGP classes.

Mega Safe, Mega Fun

Mega Class drones are big, loud, and tons of fun to fly and to watch. Along with their added size and power though comes some added risk and a need for added safety precautions.

With those increased safety concerns in mind, MultiGP has added a Mega Class safety rules and guidelines section to the 2019 rules. The new Mega Class section includes items such as a further distance from the track for the pilot line, track design safety considerations and course access control. View the full 2019 rule set including the new Mega Class safety rules and guidelines

The Mega Class season kicks off

With the first ever MultiGP Mega Class Speedway Race, the Antioch Speedway Invitational on May 18th, hosted by MultiGP Tier 1 chapter 415FPV. With the speedway located on the Contra Costa County fairgrounds, this race is running during the county fair and features Mega Class giant racing drones as a full division alongside Sprint and Stock cars, so it’s sure to draw a crowd to the stands.

After the Antioch Speedway Invitational, the next official Mega Class race is right around the corner in June at the 2019 MultiGP International Open in sunny Muncie, Indiana. Expected to draw giant drone racing pilots from all over the country and beyond, this race will likely be the biggest giant drone race of 2019. Qualifying for the race will be open throughout IO, with the final occurring first thing Saturday morning on June 29. Get your tickets at http://multigp.io

Finally, here are some teasers on things to look forward to in the world of MultiGP Mega Class:

It’s time to start building your first Mega rig, and MultiGP will show you how!

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