MultiGP News Episode 42: Exclusive Recap Of The 2017 World Cup Track At The International Open

First Regional Qualifier

Pilots goggles down thumbs up! Arm your quads, on the tone in less than 5!

The 2018 regional series is just getting started! Chapters from the southeast region, one of the first to hold a regional qualifier race this season. Central Mississippi drone racers will organize the very first qualifier this Saturday Aug. 7th in Brandon, Mississippi. Local pilots who are signed up for the race begin as early as 8 am to complete inspection and pilot check in. The track fast and technical, testing the pilots speed, agility and control. Check out this fly through of the course.


Columbus multirotor club scheduled to host the 2nd regional qualifier this Sunday April 8th, in Columbus Georgia. Over 20 pilots have registered to compete. Several of them traveling from nearby states like Alabama, Tennessee South Carolina and even Florida. Pilots competing in regional qualifiers can see how they stand against other pilots competing in the MultiGP Regional Series! Now pilots can fly the qualifier and see their flight times and rankings. And remember, the top 100 fastest pilots from the qualifiers will be invited to compete in their regional final. Chapters in a region are only allowed to run one Regional Qualifier. The running of a Regional Qualifier by a race chapter is voluntary and we encourage every chapter to hold a Regional Qualifier, this ensures pilots have every opportunity to qualify in their region. Pilots are not limited in the number of Regional Qualifiers they can compete in within their region. 

Check out the regional qualifier schedule. Visit, click on the championship tab and select the 2018 Regional Qualifier schedule also, it’s now easier than ever to set up your chapter’s qualifier race thanks to Racesync’s latest feature. Just log on to multigp dot com, proceed to your multigp chapter’s homepage, click the “add event” button and select “create a regional qualifier”.


Courtesy: Delta 5 FPV


Exclusive Recap of World Cup Track: 2017 International Open

The world cup track gained quite a bit of popularity at the international open last year– after these two pilots went head to head to earn the winning title…and now for the very first time watch this never before seen recap of the most talked about race of 2017.

Courtesy: Joshua Fielder


Mayhem Team Event

Back by popular demand, the “Mayhem Team Event” officially takes flight in the bayou state Saturday April 21st to Sunday April 22nd. Acadiana FPV will organize the big event which already has up to 50 participants registered to race, some traveling as far as Texas and Tennessee to compete. A big thank you to Team Black Sheep our main sponsor who made this entire event possible. Other supporters include Emax, Maxamps, 2dogrc and Big Boy Toys. Individual races kick off all day Saturday followed by the in famous team races on Sunday. 8 teams of 5 will race to 200 laps, nonstop. Each team will get (4) 15-minute practice rounds as well–giving pilots lots of stick time. The fast and fun track will be equipped with all MultiGP elevated big gates. Mayhem 2.0 is all about more stick time and less waiting around. The top pilots in the race will be awarded with fpv gear from our sponsors. You still have time to register! Visit and sign up for Mayhem 2.0.



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