MultiGP Statement on Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Updated 03/20/20


MultiGP Global Qualifiers and Chapter Races

Further to our announcement on March 16th and after consulting with our Tier 1 Council, the 2020 Global Qualifier start date has been postponed from March 20th to May 1st. This date will be subject to further consideration as it approaches.

In response to the unpredictable circumstances regarding the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and adhering to recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a number of events sanctioned or produced by MultiGP have been postponed until further notice.  In addition, MultiGP stresses the necessity for Chapter Organizers to exercise strict consideration for the health, safety and the well-being of all of our community in the planning or executing of any upcoming qualifiers or races during this global pandemic.

Collegiate Drone Racing Championship Cancelled

Via an announcement on March 12th to participants, the University of North Dakota cancelled the 2020 Collegiate Drone Racing Championship scheduled for April 18-19 at UND.  Organizers look forward to hosting the event in 2021 under better circumstances.

Mayhem Dawn til Dusk Team Race Postponed

Via an announcement on March 15th to participants, organizers of the Mayhem Dawn til Dusk Team Race postponed the event scheduled for March 28-29 in Broussard, Louisiana.  Management is working on securing a new date for the event and is currently looking at an October timeframe.


Recommendations during this global pandemic.

  • Social Distancing
    • Worldwide, Social Distancing is the key strategy that has shown success in Countries believed to have slowed the spread of Covid-19.  It is essentially mandated by every health authority during this pandemic.
    • A list of considerations for drone races includes, but IS NOT LIMITED TO:
      • Maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet or 2 meters from others when possible
      • Do not share FPV Goggles
      • Disinfect any objects people have had contact with (screens, computers, cables, etc.)
      • Provide hand sanitizing dispensers in prominent locations and consider providing additional tissues should someone develop respiratory symptoms
      • Promote frequent hand sanitizing
      • Discourage handshakes, high-fives, etc.
      • Discourage the sharing of food, snacks or drinks
      • Require that anyone exhibiting symptoms not attend and/or leave immediately (while avoiding public transportation)
      • Discourage anyone with high-risk medical conditions from attending (asthma, pregnancy, heart or lung disease, diabetes, age-related susceptibility or any other compromised immune issue)
      • Discourage non-essential travel (i.e. plane trips)
      • Discourage shared accommodation beyond existing roommates, family, etc.

We strongly encourage everyone to research the efforts to curb the spread of Coronavirus. MultiGP will continue to monitor all of the appropriate medical advice and we encourage all members of our community to take all necessary precautions, and we look forward to flying with you at a big event when Covid-19 is no longer a major threat.




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