New Race Classes For 2017

Tiny Whoop and Micro Race Classes For 2017

2016 was an amazing year for drone racing and MultiGP. One of the biggest trends of last year was actually one of the smallest: micro sized drones that fit in the palm of your had, affectionately labeled by the community as, “Tiny Whoop”. An idea that was started by Jesse Perkins has exploded across our community. These pocket sized FPV racers have captured everyone’s attention and make it possible race almost anywhere. As the weather got cooler in 2016, many U.S. pilots were chased indoors, and MultGP drone racing chapters started to hold “Tiny Whoop” races. These micro FPV races started to gain popularity across the entire league; from warehouses to indoor airsoft fields, micro FPV racing was establishing itself.

As technology becomes smaller and more advanced, it is producing in extremely competitive racing drones at the micro level classes. You have spoken, and MultiGP has been listening. We have been working hard over the last few months to create 2 new race classes, which were released on New Year’s Day. MultiGP has introduced these classes as a stepping stone for pilots to experience fun and competitive racing and grow through the classes. The Micro Class drones are very approachable for people new to drone racing and R.C. models; they are affordable, and you can race in your backyard with the same thrill and competition of full sized mini quads. Based on the popularity of these micro class racers, and due to the wide performance spectrum that they cover, MultiGP decided that the two classes were necessary.

The Tiny Whoop Class is a brushed motor only class, based around the very popular Tiny Whoop style of micro drone. Craft maximums are as follows: 1 cell lipo battery, 31mm propellers (must be surrounded by covers or ducts), 6mm brushed motors, 25mw video transmitter, 35 gram all-up-weight. MultiGP has also established a standard gate size (19” X 19”, or 361 for the Tiny Whoop class. While standard gates shapes are square in size, MultiGP has also added a square footage spec gate size of 361 square inches for Tiny Whoop gates to encourage creativity when designing gates. The community has created spectacular LED incorporated gates that light up their tracks with stunning colors and patterns to even further their adrenaline rush. This creates a micro race class that is approachable by anyone, and can be set up almost anywhere. A person with no drone racing equipment at all can purchase everything they would need compete in this MultiGP race class for less than a video game system. This is a perfect way for someone who is interested in drone racing to get involved in the fastest growing sport in the world without breaking the bank.

For those who want more power in a small package, MultiGP has also established a Micro Class. This race class has specs that allow for larger, more powerful craft. Craft maximums are as follows: 2 cell lipo battery, 66mm propellers (no cover or duct necessary), brushed or brushless motors – no size restriction, 200mw video transmitter, no weight restriction. Due to the increase in power and speed, the gate size is larger, too (30” X 30”, or 6.25 sq. ft.). While standard gates shapes are square in size, MultiGP has also added a square footage spec gate size of 6.25 square feet for Micro gates to encourage creativity when designing gates. MultiGP expects to see some serious competition in this class; with ability to fly brushless motors off of a 2 cell battery, there is the ability to build some serious pocket rockets.

MultiGP drone racing tiny whoop and micro race class specs

For more information, please go to our Race Class link on the website. 2017 is going to see some serious competition, and it will come in all sizes. Get involved in Micro Drone racing today!

About MultiGP:

MultiGP is the premier drone racing league which hosts frequent competitive gatherings and casual events within its network of over 375 MultiGP Chapters and 13,000 pilots world-wide. MultiGP nurtures its Chapters by providing tools, guidance and community to make drone racing fun, organized and rewarding for pilots, Chapter Organizers and spectators. Programming such as the Championship, Regional Series, Universal Time Trial Tracks and Chapter Tiers are designed to allow the drone racing community to compete in an easily accessible yet structured format with the goal of progressing the sport. MultiGP is the Academy of Model Aeronautics Special Interest Group for First Person View (FPV) Racing. For more information, go to

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