Please Comment on the FAA NPRM

We need everyone to leave a comment on the FAA NPRM. Please tell them why you think Remote ID is detrimental to our sport.

If you do not want to draft your own comment, please copy the following and paste it into the NPRM comment form located here.

It takes 20 seconds of your time to copy the following comment template, and paste it into the NPRM comment form. The number of comments is one of the largest contributing factors, so please comment today and encourage every pilot you know to comment as well.


I am writing in response to the FAA’s notice of proposed rulemaking on remote identification of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). I am deeply concerned that the current proposal would impose significant costs and place undue burden on those who fly first person view (FPV) flying, especially for drone racing events. The proposed remote ID rule is a problem for the drone racing community for two primary reasons.

First, it essentially limits FPV flying to operating at FAA-identification sites only. This is especially troublesome for the many established FPV competitions and drone racing events which are not at these identification sites, and often raise money for local charities. These established, safe events will likely be canceled if the remote ID rule goes into effect as is. Furthermore, I am concerned that the rule arbitrarily limits the number of approved sites and prohibits the establishment of new sites. As such, the rule appears designed to phase out these sites over time, further restricting FPV flying and drone racing. I urge you to allow FPV flying at more locations than FAA-identification sites only.

Second, the limit on operating UAS “no more than 400 feet from the control station” is highly problematic for drone racing, which is conducted at very low altitudes but farther horizontal distances from the operator. If implemented, this limit would drastically reduce the size and scope of drone racing competitions and events which usually span a wider area. Again, these events are established and safe and I see no reason for them to be severely limited. I urge you to consider a pathway for FPV flying events to receive remote ID compliance at the location of the event, so the 400-foot limit would not apply and FPV flying could continue to occur. Again, as currently written, the remote ID proposal is too rigid and overly burdensome for the drone racing community. Please address these pressing issues so that our growing hobby can continue to flourish.


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