RaceSync 2.0 now live

For the past few months we’ve been hard at work adding new features and integrating the 2018 Regional Series into LiveTime. Today we are proud to announce RaceSync 2.0 is now live and it brings major changes to the way races are created and managed.

Improved Race Management

The manage race screen has been significantly overhauled to simplify the process of adding pilots to your race roster. Chapter organizers can manually join pilots to their race by using the “force join” button and selecting the pilot they wish to add to the race. As pilots are added to the race roster, they will automatically be added to the heat schedule listed below. Swapping pilots to different heats has been made easier to perform as well. Adding a pilot to another heat will automatically remove that pilot from his previous heat assignment. We hope these quality of life improvements will make creating and managing your races a little bit easier and less time consuming.


New Race Formats

We have added the ability for a chapter to run races via the following formats:

  • Aggregate Laps: the format we have all been familiar with, most laps in X time.
  • Best Round: Sorts pilots by their best heat
  • Fastest 3 Consecutive Laps: Sorts pilots by their fastest 3 consecutive laps, requires timing system.
  • Fastest Lap: Sorts pilots by their fastest lap, requires timing system.

Now when you embark on creating a race, you will first be asked to select the desired race format. It can also be changed later by updating the race options.


Custom Frequency Profiles

Now you can create custom profiles with your favorite set of frequencies. You can create any combination of channels, turn specific channels on or off and even add custom frequencies.



Scoring of heats has been moved to it’s own dedicated page where the results will automatically save as you input them. No more worrying about hitting the “save” button, just enter scores and keep racing.


Duplicate Race Feature

You asked for this feature a lot and we are happy to finally release it. Now you can duplicate any race and it will create an exact copy of the race. All the race options will be configured like the original, except for the pilots signed up. If you host the same kind of race regularly you should save a lot of time by just duplicating the last race and giving it new dates.

Give us feedback or report bugs

We welcome your feedback so please use this form to report any bugs or provide us with your thoughts on the new updates.




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