Racesync Changes Log

Index of Changes



  • View race (single race page) color contrast has been  fixed.
  • Single race —> pilot list has been redesigned and made more mobile friendly, also removed alternate background colors.
  • Single race view has been redesigned for mobile \ tablet view.
  • Racesync logo added to Login page

  • In single race view now you will see “Race Results” as header of the pilot list when the date of the event has passed, otherwise you will see “Pilot Racing”
  • Ranking column of the pilot list will be visible only when the date of the event has passed
  • Removed Trophy icons always visibles even when the race was not completed on the times column
  • Added dynamic medal icons that will be displayed for the top 3 pilots only when the race is completed (Event has passed).




  • Search bar added to all pilot lists webpage
  • MultiGP TRACKS Sharing System alpha test released



  • Upcoming Races widget v1.0 added to website home page