Regional Series Heat Time Clarification

There has been a great deal of discussion in regards to the decision to change the heat times for the 2018 Regional Series. The Team at MultiGP felt it necessary to address this swiftly.

MultiGP has, and always will, listen to the voice of our pilots. We have always said that our biggest strengths are our volunteer chapter organizers and our passionate pilots. Without these, there is no MultiGP. The overwhelming success of drone racing and MulitGP can be directly attributed to your dedication and your passion. This is why we have grown from a handful of pilots to over 20,000 pilots worldwide, all in just three years.

This phenomenal growth is based on one undeniable fact: we are just as passionate about drone sports as the pilots who compete. Every member of the MultiGP Team flies FPV. This has been the common thread that has bound and strengthened our sport. Because we share the same sky, we share the same desire to see drone sports grow to the level of recognition it deserves. We want to see all of your hard work and exceptional skill to be seen by the world.

Our primary focus has always been the growth and advancement of drone sports and to provide our pilots with the best drone racing events on the planet. Every decision made starts with the question, “Does this benefit the pilots and the sport?”. During the process, we use community input, previous race data (thousands of races over three years), and our experience within this sport. These decisions are always made after a great amount of thought and discussion.

This decision to adjust heat times in the Regional Series was with the best intentions for the sport and the pilots and was based on race data collected throughout the previous seasons. This decision was not done with malice, or with the intent to hamper the growth of the sport or the pilots. Always remember that we want to see drone sports advance as much as you do.

With the responses and discussions over the last 24 hours, MultiGP felt it necessary to revisit this decision, and to pose the question to every MultiGP pilot. All MultiGP registered pilots will be receiving an email containing a one question survey in regards to heat times in the 2018 Regional Series. Based on the responses to this survey, MultiGP will adjust the heat times accordingly.

Your voice is important, but we cannot hear it if you do not vote. It is important that all pilots who are planning on competing in the 2018 Regional Series fill out this survey.

MultiGP is working hard behind the scenes to help grow drone sports, both nationally and internationally. With the continuing help of our chapter organizers and our pilots, we will be able to take drone sports to new heights in 2018.

We’ll see you in the sky!

Shawn O’Sullivan, MultiGP

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