Request a Discount Code for your MultiGP Chapter

MultiGP is rolling out discount codes for the Store and International Open!

If you are the chapter organizer and would like to obtain your chapter discount code please fill out this form. Your chapter will receive a discount based on your tier: Tier 1: 20%, Tier 2: 15% off any vinyl product (hurdles, gates, replacement gate panels, 8ft vinyl flags, ground stripes, etc)


Additionally, chapters get discounts and free tickets to the MultiGP International Open

For TIER 1 and TIER 2 chapter organizers only. Non-transferable, not redeemable or refundable for cash.

Tier 1:

1 free ticket &
1 ticket discounted price of $60 – Chapter Organizers only

Tier 2:

2 tickets at discounted price of $60 – Chapter Organizers only



Please note: you must use the email address entered on this form when redeeming your coupon code.