South East Regional Final Recap

Courtesy: Tony Lively

South East Regional Final Recap

What a race in the sweet home Alabama! Pilots from all over the South East region gathered in hot and humid weather to compete for their chance to advance to the 2018 MultiGP Championship this December in Florida. The South East final kicked off with a bang after an rc jet put on quite a show after crash landing during opening ceremonies.

Saturday qualifying rounds kicked off  Mason “Hyper FPV” Lively setting the new TQ time on the South-East edition of the Regional Final track. Sunday the top 32 battled it out, the top 12 pilots in the South East gave us a thrilling race.

Finally it came down to the top 4 pilots remaining and the final heat leaving many stunned! Mason “Hyper FPV” Lively was surprisingly knocked out of the race. He was flying consistent  during the entire competition, many cheering for the Florida pilot including our very own Chris Thomas. Meet your top 3 pilots in the Southeast region. Chris “Flykux” Bevan took first with – 3/1:43.828 making him the fastest pilot in the South East Region. Great job pilots!

And, that makes the Top-6: BigRuss, RacerJo, MakerFPV, Hyper, Droner and Flykux all part of the Finalists division competing in the Fast-57 at Championships. Along with 7th through 12th: Birddog, X-15, Tommy_Pezzino, Lukenation, SurgicalFPV and Minichado part of the Contenders division competing to advance to the Fast-57 and Championships. While all of the remaining finalists join “The List”, with Nubb currently 2nd over-all leading the charge for the South-East.

Event Photos

Photos Courtesy: Tony Lively


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