June 14, 2018

Southwest Regional Final Recap

Courtesy: Robert Lacroix

What a race in the Golden State! Pilots from all over the Southwest region gathered in sunny California to compete for their chance to advance to the 2018 MultiGP Championship this December in Florida. Saturday qualifying rounds kicked off full throttle…

Andy “Dolma FPV” Marachilian setting the new TQ time on the Regional Final track. Sunday the top 32 went head to head. The top 12 pilots in the country gave us quite a show. Finally it came down to the top 4 pilots remaining and the final heat leaving many on the edge of their seats. 

Meet your top 3 pilots in the Southwest region

1.) Cory “Mewo FPV” Ibanez
2.) Colby “SFPV” Curtola
3.) Andy “Dolmafpv” Marachilian

Finalists – immediately in fast 56 (1-6)
Contenders – compete at the next stage at champs (7-12)
The List – everyone else, ranked nationally….

We’ve made the full list of the regional final standings available for you. Just visit for the latest regional series results.

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