Turn Key Race Production

There are very few organizations in the world that can run a good drone race. MultiGP is only organization with the experience and expertise utilizing the most cutting edge technology to run the most efficient and effective drone racing production for competition or entertainment.

We (the MultiGP race production team) pride ourselves in the design and implementation of a quality race production experience for the pilot, spectators and sponsors while being mindful of the event hosts budget. MultiGP has a hand in 1,000’s of races per year as run by local clubs and chapters. Our drone racing production staff has hundreds of race including some of the most notable events in the world. Our experts have designed and implemented more drone racing challenge courses than any other organization.

Drone racing is a great way to draw attention to your event or organization. If you are looking to host an event that features drone racing as a demonstration, competition or as entertainment then you need to contact us here.