ZippyQ Manual

Pre Requirements:

  • Browsers/OS (for QR scanning)
    • Best performing: MacOS w/Chrome  or Android OS w/ Chrome  has the best performance
    • Other working:  MacOS w/safari, Windows10 w/Chrome,  Android w/ Firefox, IoS w/Safari
    • Not supported: Windows10 w/IE.
    • All browsers work for other functions such as administration, and manual (non-qr code)  pilot code entry.
  • LiveTime Scoring Engine: This is the only timing system to date that pulls the rounds from MultiGP on demand.  However the API’s are available for any system to integrate with ZippyQ.

Configuring ZippyQ:

  1. Select Open ZippyQ/Qualifying/Practice setting in the race configuration

  2. ZippyQ will enforce pack counts limits configured via ‘Rounds in this race/ZippyQ pack count limit’ setting in the race configuration

  3. ZippyQ will allow the race admin the ability to limit how many times a pilot can be in line. via. ‘Number of times a pilot can be in the ZippyQ line’ setting in the race configuration.

  4. If you have not configured a chapter API Key, you will need to do so.. In Chapter configuration, select the ‘Timing System key‘ menu option.

ZippyQ Normal mode

In the Race view
1. ‘Click to show ZippyQ schedule‘ which all users see.
Administrative users will see the display in Admin Mode automatically.

ZippyQ Kiosk Mode

In the Race view, available only to administrators is a
1. ‘Click to open ZippyQ Kiosk‘ button.

2. In the top right corner, click the ‘Exit Admin’ button

  • When clicking this button, it will launch in Admin mode then in the top right corner, click the ‘Exit Admin’ and
    the system is in Kiosk Mode.

Note only and administrator can start a kiosk.


Kiosk mode actions:

In Kiosk Mode, you can see the list of frequencies being use, and how many pilots are in the ‘queue’ for each frequency.
Beside each user name in () is the current number of packs that have either been run OR have been scheduled.
Click the Add Pilot button to add yourself to the line.

  • The system will bring up the window to scan the QR code.
  • Upon scanning the code, you will receive a notification, name, frequency, which round, and your pack count.
  • If you have already reached the limit on pack counts or the number if times allowed to be in the queue, you will be notified.
    You will be entered into the next available slot in that line
  • If you have not yet joined this event in RaceSync, you will automatically be force joined into the race by the system.

If you click the ‘keypad’ button, they can enter in the digits of your MultiGP pilotID .

As rounds are executed, the display refreshes.

Admin Mode actions:

In Admin Mode, you can Add Pilots, Remove Pilots, and remove Empty spots within a line. Simply click the green Add Pilot or red boxes with Pilot Names, or [EMPTY].

Be aware if you delete an [EMPTY] spot, it will shift all the pilots in that line up 1 round. Be sure to notify pilots that you are doing this so they are aware their target round may have changed.

LiveTime Scoring engine actions

Running the race:

  1. In LiveTime, Import the event using the following steps:
    1. got events tab
    2. click Import from MultiGP
      • its easiest to search your race by using its raceId number. (found in RaceSync when displaying the event
    3.   Select the race, and goto the ‘Races’ tab, and  UNCHECK Import Rounds.
    4. click Import Event in the bottom right
  2. If LiveTime imported rounds, go ahead and delete those until you’re ready to start racing.
  3. perform any other LiveTime setup needed for the event, (race durations etc).
  4. When you want to start racing: goto Schedule: press ‘Add Missing Rounds’ button.
    • This will import 1 round.
  5. Run a race.  When that race is completed, then
  6. Goto schedule and press ‘Add Missing Rounds’. and it will get the ‘next’ round.
    Note: it is the ‘add missing rounds’ button that retrieves the round. RaceSync uses that that as the ‘Currently Running’ round. If you press ‘add missing rounds’ many times, those rounds will be retrieved, and RaceSync will indicate the last round retrieved is the ‘currently running’ round. So only press the ‘Add missing Rounds’ button once.

Closing the Kiosk

Once a browser has opened as a Kiosk, which only an administrator can do, that PC/Browser will remain eligible as a ZippyQ Kiosk.

To close the kiosk, from the ZippyQ Admin mode, click the ‘Exit Kiosk‘ button in the upper right.

Administrators Tricks

If a pilot does not show up for their race, the race administrator can perform the following steps:

  1. Remove them from that round in LiveTime
  2. In ZippyQ current round, remove the pilot.
    If you choose to run the race with less pilots, then continue on with the race.
    If you want to shift all the pilots up to fill that slot:
  3. In ZippyQ current round, remove the [EMPTY] slot.
  4. In LiveTime, delete that round
  5. In LiveTime press the ‘add missing rounds’ again.

If a pilot is owed another pack for a previously completed race, (for example, their race was compromised because someone in the pits plugged in causing them to crash). If the race director wants to allow that pilot another run, then perform the following steps:

  1. Goto Admin mode
  2. Select the ‘Show Previous Rounds’ button
  3. Delete that pilot from the Round.

How to set the ‘Currently Running round’ to a previous round:

The current round is set when LiveTime retrieves a round using the ‘Add Missing Rounds’ button. If you want to go backwards because the button was mistakenly pushed,  in LiveTime delete the rounds that have not been run,  then press the Add Missing Rounds button. For example, if you delete ALL of the rounds from LiveTime,  when you press the ‘Add Missing Rounds’ button, the current Round will be set to 1.

Clearing all the Round data in RaceSync:

If you had an existing race already defined, and thus the pilots were set to heats, and you want to clear that round data before your race day.

  1. In Race Schedule, (edit race schedule by selecting Manage->Manage Race or the ‘gear’ button beside Race Schedule
  2. Select the Regenerate Race Schedule button.   Note, pressing this button will delete the round info when the Race event type is  the Open ZippyQ/Qualifying/Practice, set in event settings.  Any pilots that have been queued up will be lost.

Timing System developer notes

ZippyQ is currently supported by LiveTime. However the RaceSync API’s exits to allow other systems to integrate.

The 2 main API’s that are utilized are as follows:

  1. getAdditionalRounds?id=xxxxx&startFromRound=y  where xxxx= is the RaceId of the event,  y is the  next round to be run.
  2. assignSlot?id=xxxxx&cycle=a&heat=1&slot=b  
    When the round is complete, the system should utilize the assignSlot API to submit the results for each pilot.   cycle a means round..  Always use heat =1 for ZippyQ races, and slot is which seat the pilot was using (1 through 8).

Other commonly used API’s:

chapter/findChapterFromApiKey :  acquire the chapter Id from the provided API key

race/listForChapter?chapterId=zzz : get the list of races for this given chapter.

Refer to the MultiGP api documentation for further instructions.  The above API’s do utilize the Chapter based API keys.

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