2023 CDRA Championship Results

It’s been a weekend full of excitement and lots of drone racing, despite the fact that the weather tried hard to prevent the 2023 Drone Racing Association Championship from taking place! In the end, the will and passion triumphed and on Sunday, April 2, the race was held regularly at the Fayette Flyers field. Four exciting […]

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Mayhem 2023 Official Track RELEASED!

Mayhem 2023, the only Endurance race in Drone Racing is coming on April 14th! 8 Teams, 12 hours non stop racing.  Here’s the official track designed for MultiGP by NMGrower. You can try the track on MultiGP official simulator Velocidrone.  Enjoy! View 2023 Mayhem Event See also: 2023 Mayhem video presentation

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It’s time to VOTE for the 2023 GQ

The MultiGP Global Qualifier is an annual drone racing event that is the qualification pathway for the MultiGP Championship, which is one of the largest drone racing events in the world. The Global Qualifier takes place at various locations around the world hosted by local MultiGP chapters. Any MultiGP Chapter which has been promoted to Tier 3,  Tier 2 or Tier […]

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Season 2023 Official Calendar

April 1st – April 2nd The first event of the year is dedicated to our college students, in partnership with the Collegiate Drone Racing Association and North Dakota University. Last year more than ten colleges from around the country took part in the competition, which aims to bring students closer to our fantastic sport and […]

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2023 Mayhem Team Racing

Registration: Mayhem registration will open on December 1st @ 7PM CST. Cost: $1000/team Date: April 14, 15, and 16, 2023 Location: Dallas Drone Racing’s home field in Carrollton Texas. Team Size: 10 total Format: Dawn til Dusk, hard start and finish times, 7:07am to 6:07PM Once all spots are paid, we will randomly select channel […]

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2022 MultiGP Championship results

The 2022 MultiGP Championship has concluded with MCK being crowned the 2022 MultiGP Champion! 5 Days of racing, 125  Pilots, 241 Qualifying races, 8 Double elimination brackets, $12000 in cash and prizes awarded, 1 Million led lights, Click below to see all the results. Pro Class Results Sport Class Results

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Women in MultiGP

Welcome  to the Women MultiGP Drone Racing Group! We have created this supportive culture to encourage and invite more female pilots to join this unstoppable exciting sport! We are the next generation of pilots supporting empowering and embracing  the women of Drone Racing both  on the track and behind the scenes. As women and girls let’s support each […]

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