MultiGP 2018 Regional Series & Regional Finals Calendar

The 2018 Season has commenced!

Here is the official 2018 Schedule:

  • South West Regional Final – Host City – Ventura County, CA – Date – June 9-June 10
  • South East Regional Final – Host City – Huntsville, AL – Date – June 30-July 1
  • North East Regional Final – Host State – New Jersey – Date – July 21-July 22
  • 2018 International Open – Muncie, In – August 8-12  
  • North West Regional Final – Host City – Seattle – Date – August 18-19
  • North Central Regional Final  – Host City – Chicago – Date – September 22-September 23
  • South Central Regional Final – Host City – Dallas – Date – October 13-October  14
  • 2018 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship – December 6-9

6 Large Multi-Day Regional Finals

The 2018 Regional Series will have 6 Regional Finals, one for each Region. These Regional Finals will be run by MultiGP and called by Joe Scully, taking the burden and stress off of the chapter organizers. The Regional Finals will all be scheduled out by taking the Region’s climates into consideration. Regions with warmer climates will have their Finals earlier in the Season. Northern Regions will have their Finals later in the Season. The top 100 pilots from each of the Regional Standings Lists will be invited to the Regional Finals.

With a maximum of 100 pilots for each Final, the events will be larger and more exciting for all involved. The Regional Finals will also be multi-day events, to give enough time to hold the competition both fairly and efficiently. We will be working closely with the chapter organizers in these locations to secure the venues needed for these events. Details on the specific locations of the Regional Finals will be published as they are finalized and confirmed.

It All Leads to The National Championship

The MultiGP Regional Series concludes with the National Championship and the crowning of the next MultiGP Drone Racing Champion. We are currently looking to hold the National Championship December 6-9, 2018.

For more information on the 2018 Regional Series, please follow this link to the “Announcing the MultiGP 2018 Regional Series” blog post from earlier this year.

One Track to Rank Them All

The Regional Qualifier Track has been created for the 2018 Regional Series qualifier races. Chapters choosing to run a Regional Qualifier must use the specified Regional Qualifier Track. This is the pre-designed track that all Regional Qualifiers will take place on. This track will be set up by the individual chapters according to the Regional Qualifier Track Setup Sheet and verified via the Track Dimension Worksheet. Pilots competing in Regional Qualifiers will then have their standings entered into the Regional Standings List where the top 100 will be invited to compete in their Regional Final.

Chapters in a Region are only allowed to run one Regional Qualifier. The running of a Regional Qualifier by a race chapter is voluntary but we encourage every chapter to hold a Regional Qualifier, thus ensuring pilots in their Region have every opportunity to qualify.  This will give more chapters the ability to hold Regional Qualifier if they choose. Pilots are not limited in the amount of Regional Qualifiers they can compete in within their Region.

With the release of the 2018 Regional Qualifier Track, your local MultiGP drone racing chapter will be able to start running Regional Qualifiers.




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