2018 Regional Series Qualifiers Recap Week 5

Courtesy: Joe Mennella

Week 5 of Regional Qualifiers kicked off with a bang In the Southeast. 901 FPV & Music City Multirotor hosted back to back qualifiers in Tennessee. On Saturday, Alex “Chief” Campbell raised the bar and took the lead nationally setting the very first 8 lap run in the 2018 MultiGP Regional Qualifiers with 22 laps in 6:30 seconds. On Sunday– unexpected downpours held pilots back from going all out–But many still managed to put in 5 or 6 laps.

Then, another double header — this one in North Carolina. Fayetteville Multirotor and Raleigh Rotor racers set up the two-day race. Saturday-  Dave “Makerfpv” Schlitter snagged first with 20 laps in 6:55 seconds. Sunday, he took number one yet again with 18 laps in 5:59 seconds.

The final qualifiers in the southeast wrapped up in Florida with two days of racing action. Emerald coast and Pensacola FPV racers hosted the events. Our very own MultiGP media ambassador Daniel “Darkstarfpv” Haefner ended up taking third on Sunday.

Now moving to the southwest region of the country On Saturday in Bakersfield, California Drone Dern Racing League had one of the fastest pilots in the west coast show up to compete. Andy “dolma FPV” Marachilian nailed that race –taking first with 21 laps in 6:17 seconds.

Sunday, 775 fpv set up their qualifier in Reno, Nevada. Matthew “chewyfpv” nordt took down first with 18 laps in 06:39 seconds. Cooper “Supacoopa” Groves making out third with 16 laps in 06:12 seconds. Then, the first regional qualifier in the northeast wrapped up.

River City Racers hosted the race in Mechanicsville Virginia. William “Billster” Schuette earning the number 1 spot in that qualifier with 21 laps in 06:40 seconds.


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