2019 MultiGP Season Rules Released

The 2019 drone racing season is upon us and we are happy to release the 2019 Season rules.

There have been some significant changes made to the series this year. First and foremost, the series is now known as the MultiGP Series and is open to all countries. This is important to note because we are no longer limiting the series to regions in the US. For the first time ever, chapters across the globe can host qualifiers and attempt to send their best pilots to the 2019 MultiGP Championship. Using the global qualifying track, requiring 10 standard MultiGP chapter gates and 5 flags, pilots will attempt to log their fastest 3 consecutive laps and claim their invite to the championship. Read the 2019 MultiGP Rules and Regulations

2019 Season Rule Highlights

  • Global Qualifying – Available to chapters in all countries!
  • Season length: March 21 – Sep 2
  • 1 standardized global qualifier track (10 gates, 5 flags)
  • Qualifier leaderboard will rank pilots based on best 3 consecutive laps
  • Pilots can attend as many qualifiers as they want.
  • Tier 1/2 Chapters may host 2 qualifiers
  • Tier 3 chapters may host 1 qualifier



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