2019 Starmach Pan Asian Drone Racing Exhibition Results

May 16-18 MultiGP produced the 2019 Starmach Pan Asian Drone Racing Exhibition in Ningbo, China.

The inaugural event featured vendor displays, an Industry forum, a training seminar for school children, and a championship drone race of vast proportion.

The event was presented by Starmach, a company founded to promote drone racing across Asia and to enhance the development of the sport. Meaning “Dreaming of Fast Flight”, their team of production personnel delivered an outstanding event, especially for a first-time endeavor. From LED-lined inflatable gates, to fully lit stages, netted spectator areas to the fine details of pyrotechnics and champagne for the awards ceremony, there was much glitz and glamour to behold.

Also, hosted in partnership with Gemfan, production teams were shown great hospitality during their time in the technological city rooted in Chinese culture.

An intense Registration and Tech Inspection process commenced on Thursday morning. 81 pilots from 11 countries were verified on-site and over 186 drones were inspected to meet regulations. The RF environment only afforded 6 available channels (of a standard 8 ) to fly, so the practice spanned from Thursday afternoon through Friday morning to afford each Pilot 3 practice rounds.

The forecast turned gloomy as rain plummeted and flooded the course as the pilots attended the Drone Racing Industry Forum on Friday morning. Fortunately the rain clouds broke shortly after the forum completed, and the qualifiers began, with all of the pilots running 3 qualifiers that day, and one additional qualifier on Saturday morning.

The field of 81 pilots were narrowed to the Top-32, which were divided into a Top-16 group and a “Next-16” group, with each competing in their own double-elimination bracket for prizes in the “Next-16”, and their share of $22,500 USD and trophies in the Top-16.

The Next-16 brackets were an even battle for the most part, with the final race finishing with: Wannapong “Milk FPV” Wanraya from Thailand as the Champion, followed by Leung “Ka Kei” Ka of HONG KONG finishing 2nd and Liguang Zhong finishing 3rd.

The event culminated into the Top-16 Double-Elimination Brackets with a star-studded roster of pilots from the Eastern Hemisphere. The Final 4 pilots competed in the “Chase-The-Ace” Format where the races would be run repeatedly until a pilot won twice. One rule, the “IronMan Clause” afforded the Top-Qualifier going into the brackets, MinChan “MCK FPV” Kim of Korea the chance to win in the first round if he won the first round… and he crashed. The first win went to Thomas “BMS Thomas” of Australia. The energy in the air intensified each round as the action was incredulous. The next round just MinChan and BMS Thomas were left in the air, until they had a mid-air, both crashing out. After a DVR Review, the pilot who had successfully passed the last obstacle was MinChan, by less than 1.5″ ahead of BMS Thomas for the win of Round #2. Next the Third Round was won by Jehyeong “BulldozerFPV” Jeon of Korea, however after a protest, the result was blanked as one of the pilots was eliminated in the race by a fallen gate. The Fourth Round became the Final Round after MinChan finished his laps first, though he was hotly contested by the field.

Watch the Recorded Livestream

A steady stream of hundreds sat in VIP Chairs watching the action over the weekend, however the true reach of the event was massive. Broadcast on YouTube, BiliBili, Government CCTV and more, there were over 450,000 views on Friday and over 650,000 views on Saturday for a reach of over 1.1 Million Views!!!

This event was a massive launch for grand-scale drone racing in Asia; look for more legendary events by Starmach and Gemfan in the near future!

The 2019 Starmach Pan Asian Drone Racing Exhibition was sponsored in part by: STARMACHGEMFANRadiolinkTeamBlackSheepFlyColorT-MOTOR3BHOBBYCaddxSZ-SPEEDFat SharkSTARDRONESFULLYMAX, and RUSH FPV.

Re-live the English Broadcast of the Championship:

Final Ranking of the 2019 Starmach Pan Asian Drone Racing Exhibition

Handle Name Country Finish Position
1 MCK FPV MinChan Kim KOREA 1st in Chase the Ace Championship (3rd, 1st, 1st)
2 BMS Thomas Thomas Bitmatta AUSTRALIA 2nd in Chase the Ace Championship (1st, 2nd, 2nd)
3 Bulldozer FPV Jehyeong Jeon KOREA 3rd in Chase the Ace Championship (2nd, 3rd, 4th)
4 MODO FPV Chang hyeon kang KOREA 4th in Chase the Ace Championship (4th, 4th, 2nd)
5 STAR FPV SUNGJU PARK KOREA 3rd in Race #13 (Top-16)
6 Ken Ken Inoue JAPAN 4th in Race #13 (Top-16)
7 CU FPV Kim SiYun KOREA 3rd in Race #12 (Top-16)
8 Rappy JunYong Heo KOREA 4th in Race #12 (Top-16)
9 Rondo Kay-Ronnie Chow HONG KONG 3rd in Race #10 (Top-16)
10 R.O.K DONGROK HAN KOREA 4th in Race #10 (Top-16)
11 Young Money YoungRok Son KOREA 3rd in Race #9 (Top-16)
12 Fready SeongMin Ko KOREA 4th in Race #9 (Top-16)
13 FPRDAN Daniel Ayre AUSTRALIA 3rd in Race #7 (Top-16)
14 JOONFPV Joonweon Choi KOREA 4th in Race #7 (Top-16)
15 Heepsy Samuel Heeps AUSTRALIA 3rd in Race #5 (Top-16)
16 ZOPOK FPV Seojun Kim KOREA 4th in Race #5 (Top-16)
17 Milk FPV Wannapong wanraya THAILAND 1st in Final Race #14 (Next-16)
18 Ka kei Leung ka HONG KONG 2nd in Final Race #14 (Next-16)
19 Liguang Zhong Liguang Zhong CHINA 3rd in Final Race #14 (Next-16)
20 Kanpai Kanpai Larnlua THAILAND 4th in Final Race #14 (Next-16)
21 AIYA KIM Kim Tang HONG KONG 3rd in Race #13 (Next-16)
22 WBAG Jiayan Zhang CHINA 4th in Race #13 (Next-16)
23 Theo MinJae Kim KOREA 3rd in Race #12 (Next-16)
24 StephFPV Chao Ting Yu TAIWAN 4th in Race #12 (Next-16)
25 MOGA FPV Mo Gayeon KOREA 3rd in Race #10 (Next-16)
26 HY_FPV Hyunyeon Kim KOREA 4th in Race #10 (Next-16)
27 Leo Hao Xu CHINA 3rd in Race #9 (Next-16)
28 MUNI FPV PokMun Jeong KOREA 4th in Race #9 (Next-16)
29 SEAN Shangzuo Chen CHINA 3rd in Race #7 (Next-16)
30 Foxur Alexander Lea USA 4th in Race #7 (Next-16)
31 Xiaoxian Li Xiaoxian Li CHINA 3rd in Race #5 (Next-16)
32 SPPINAKERFPV MINSEO LEE KOREA 4th in Race #5 (Next-16)
33 XH_FPV Heng Xia CHINA Qualified 17th
34 Long Qiang Long Qiang CHINA Qualified 20th
35 YUHAN Han Yu CHINA Qualified 23rd
36 Boba Bo Chen CHINA Qualified 27th
37 Au kwok kui Au kwok kui HONG KONG Qualified 37th
38 Mimi huang Mimi huang CHINA Qualified 38th
39 RYAN_Y Zishuo Ye CHINA Qualified 39th
40 LYL Yiliang Liu CHINA Qualified 40th
41 LIH Junhua Li CHINA Qualified 41st
42 SU Xiaodan Su CHINA Qualified 42nd
43 Lehua Ma Lehua Ma CHINA Qualified 43rd
44 Rohens Jiaming Li CHINA Qualified 44th
45 Mao Zhang Mao Zhang CHINA Qualified 45th
46 MAGIC Guobin Ma CHINA Qualified 46th
47 YoungChan YoungChan An KOREA Qualified 47th
48 Lancelot Rusheng Feng CHINA Qualified 48th
49 SKIDOOSH David Andrews USA Qualified 49th
50 XIONGFEI Xiongfei Qie CHINA Qualified 50th
51 Tianshu Xie Tianshu Xie CHINA Qualified 51st
52 Cheng Ma Cheng Ma CHINA Qualified 52nd
53 Tairan Sun Tairan Sun CHINA Qualified 53rd
54 Aries Yong Shen CHINA Qualified 54th
55 ANKI Qi Yang CHINA Qualified 55th
56 YANGHAO Hao Yang CHINA Qualified 56th
57 Fahua Sommerladt cyril FRANCE Qualified 57th
58 feiniaoyi Li Sun CHINA Qualified 58th
59 ADAM Lei Wu CHINA Qualified 59th
60 Dequan Zhu Dequan Zhu CHINA Qualified 60th
61 SKYRO Liu Sijia CHINA Qualified 61st
62 Anning Xu Anning Xu CHINA Qualified 62nd
63 alien Chenggong Zhu CHINA Qualified 63rd
64 XFPVIEW Jorge Eduardo Carvalho PORTUGAL Qualified 64th
65 Akera Paolo Gnoni ITALY Qualified 65th
66 41 Zeyu Li CHINA Qualified 66th
67 ZXQ Xiaoqi Zhang CHINA Qualified 67th
68 Jason Lin Jason Lin TAIWAN Qualified 68th
69 Shuhao Wang Shuhao Wang CHINA Qualified 69th
70 TENGYONG Yong Teng CHINA Qualified 70th
71 Squarefpv Richard hendrickson Qualified in a tie for 71st
72 Jinghao Lai Jinghao Lai CHINA Qualified in a tie for 71st
73 Runyi Luo Runyi Luo CHINA Qualified in a tie for 71st
74 Zheng Fu Zheng Fu CHINA Qualified in a tie for 71st
75 Orion-FPV Alvaro Martins PORTUGAL Qualified in a tie for 71st
76 Dan fpv Dan Choi Qualified in a tie for 71st
77 60A Daian Liu CHINA Qualified in a tie for 71st
78 Yunxiong Liao Yunxiong Liao CHINA Qualified in a tie for 71st
79 Duowei Sang Duowei Sang CHINA Qualified in a tie for 71st
80 Yize Gao Yize Gao CHINA Qualified in a tie for 71st


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