2020 Global Qualifier Track Guy Wire Clarification

After much discussion online by the MultiGP Tier 1 council and a discussion today by the MultiGP Officers and Directors, the decision has been made to waive the guy wire requirement on the 2020 Global Qualifier Track.

On Friday, The 2020 Global Qualifier Track design video was released that included guy wires. Based on our discussion with the Tier 1 council on August 27th, 2019, our position was originally solidified that if guy wires are required on a standardized course, they are to be strictly enforced. Additionally considered were the discussions in February of 2019 and even earlier that different terrain, wind environments and resource availability would result in a percentage of chapters where guy wires are mandatory due to circumstance or environment, leading to the conclusion that guy wires were to be required and enforced for the Global Qualifier Track in 2019.

Since then, many chapter organizers have found ways to make guy wires unobtrusive or redundant, and based on an almost unanimous response opposing guy wires by the Tier 1 Council, the guy wires will be removed from the soon to be released official diagram, and the official track in VelociDrone, the official SIM of MultiGP.

Best practices on how to construct “tower gates” (stacked gates or double gates) will be shared with the community in the near future for those that could use some guidance, and as always, we recommend Provisional and Tier-3 Chapters to reach out to their mentoring chapters for assistance if they need some help in this regard as well.

As always, the leadership of MultiGP remains connected to the community and relies heavily on the feedback, criticism and direction of the Tier 1 Chapter Organizers, and we remain “By Pilots, For Pilots”.

We look forward to another successful Championship Series in 2020.


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