2020 MultiGP Series Global Qualifier Track Diagram

Stay Home and Sim – Please Practice Social Distancing

This release of the 2020 Global Qualifier Track is not meant as an encouragement to gather together during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic. We urge everyone to stay at home and practice their laps on the VelociDrone simulator until it is again safe to gather socially.

The following will describe how you can easily set up this track using a long tape measure and some stakes.


First Download the Diagrams Below

The official 2020 Global Qualifier track dimensions are below in Metric and Imperial measurements.



Metric Diagrams – Meters

Imperial Diagrams – Feet


Step By Step Guide to Setting up the Track Accurately

Step 1

Draw this line by setting stakes at each of the measurements on the black line. This creates one side of your track.

Step 2

  1. Using your 200 ft tape measure, measure from the 98.4′ stake to the top of the triangle and back down to the 147.6′ stake.
  2. When the sides of your triangle measure 87.3′ (left) and 49.2′ (bottom), set a stake at the peak of your triangle. Make sure the sides of the triangle equal: 87.3′, 72.1′, 49.2′.You have now created a perpendicular line that is exactly 90 degrees perpendicular to the first line and exactly 72.1” long.

Step 3

  1. Start from the peak of your triangle and measure/stake the adjacent measurements listed below.
  2. Double check your work as you go, these stakes will be exactly 72.1′ from the stakes you laid in step 1.
  3. Once you have laid all these stakes, you have created the other side of the track.

Step 4

You now have 2 lines of stakes. You know these 2 lines of stakes are parallel, and exactly 72.1′ from each other. Congratulations! You’ve just made a grid. Get your gates ready because it’s time to place the gates and flags. From here you simply stretch your 200 foot measuring tape across each of the stakes you laid in steps 1 and 3 and place your gates at the measurements.

Tip: all these measurements are taken from the LEFT LEG of the gate as you enter it.

You’re not done yet!

Once you have set up the track, you must fill out this form to prove you have set up the track accurately. Failure to fill out this form will result in your qualifier will not being valid and your results will not be accepted.

2020 Qualifier Track Dimension Worksheet – Feet

2020 Qualifier Track Dimension Worksheet – Meters




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