2020 MultiGP Series Global Qualifier Track now on Velocidrone!

2020 Global Qualifier Track is now available on the Velocidrone simulator.

Get it today at Velocidrone.com and start practicing this season’s qualifier track.

With the 2020 season starting soon, we partnered with Velocidrone to release the track early on the sim. Now you can practice the official track, with 100% confidence that the dimensions are true and accurate. The track was entirely designed and tested within Velocidrone, so there are no conversion errors or wrong dimensions. Huge thanks goes out to Nelson “Kruel” Aquino for the track design and video preview. Additional thanks goes out to Joe Scully who provided guidance and feedback on the design.


Global Qualifier Track Design Goals and Limitations

“Why is the track so small?”   “This is boring.”   “Only 10 gates?”

Before you hop on social media and start criticizing the design, please understand that we design global qualifier tracks with several goals and limiting factors in mind. Our primary goal is to measure pilot skill across the world using a standardized qualifier track. Pilot skill varies greatly, and it’s impossible to design a track that challenges the upper echelon of pilots without alienating the lesser skilled pilots. Therefore, if this design feels too boring, or simple, then take pride in the fact that you’re probably a fast racer.

Another way we ensure the widest audience possible, is by limiting the number track elements to the following: 10 gates, 5 flags. Yes, this is a low number of obstacles, and this is intentional. Not every chapter or group of racers has access to large amounts of gates and flags. We feel 10 gates is a number that should be easy for a chapter to acquire, or borrow, from other surrounding chapters. Best case, the chapters team up and hold double-headers using their combined gates.

The size of the track is another factor that is restricted. We design these qualifier tracks to fit on the most commonly available parcel of land: public football or soccer fields. This is meant to ease the burden of finding suitable space for our chapters to host qualifiers. More races, in more places!


What’s next?

Coming up soon we will release the official diagram complete with dimensions, setup instructions and track dimension worksheet (to verify your measurements). For now, hop onto Velocidrone and start logging those lap times!


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